The Carrier Settings page allow you to influence the default behaviour of Shippit when allocating orders to carriers and their services. This page is divided into 3 sections:
  1. Smart Carrier Allocation
  2. Allocation Settings
  3. Advanced Carrier Settings
Smart Carrier Allocation
If you do not regularly spend time understanding in detail the terms and conditions of delivery services, you may end up being misled by carriers who brand their fastest as services as “Express” even though when that service is compare with other carriers, it will only qualify as standard service.
Now, Shippit made it its business to save you from being misled by:
  • Properly categorising shipping services as Standard, Express, and Priority
  • Giving you the authority to turn carriers or specific services On or Off
  • Providing a means of bring your own negotiated shipping rates with by clicking Link Account or emailing for greyed out toggle switches that must be turned on from the backend


Allocation Settings
Set parameters to help Shippit understand how to serve you best.
You may decided to:
  • Automatically allocate orders to either the Fastest or Cheapest service
  • Completely avoid long delivery timetables by automatically re-assigning orders to Express service if ETA is longer than an identified duration
  • Take advantage of Standard services if its delivery timetable is comparable to an Express service
  • Take advantage of Express services if its cost is comparable to a Standard service
Your Allocation Settings only influence what the platform does in default. You will still get an opportunity to shift your service based on cost or speed on a per order basis. To know more about package allocation, click here.


Advanced Carrier Settings
Finally, you have Advanced Settings that let you set default pick-up requests and drop-off preferences for your carriers to implement.
Pro Tip
Always remember to click on the blue Update button whenever you make a change in your Settings. A green ribbon will appear at the top of your Settings page as confirmation that your update was successfully accepted by Shippit.


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