Manage your customer expectations on order arrival  by sending timely notifications for significant steps of their delivery.
The Notification Settings page is a very informative page that allows you to turn On or Off notifications for each of the delivery stages, even the stages that only get involved when a delivery in initially unsuccessful.
  • Progress Updates are notifications for typical delivery stages from merchant to carrier to recipient
  • Delivery Exceptions allow you to set notifications for steps needed when initial delivery is unsuccessful
Hovering your mouse over Information Icons will provide you brief descriptions of what notification goes out at every step. Turning the Toggle Switches On and Off will determine whether an email notification will be sent for each delivery status.
What are the Preview links for?

Email Notification Preview

From the Notification Settings page, you may click on Preview to see a sample Email Notification which has varied content depending on the delivery stage.
We have identified the parts that you need to be familiar with the most:
  1. Tracking Number
  2. Delivery Status
  3. Link to Customer Tracking Page
  4. Authority to Leave
  5. Links to Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Invitation to Rate Delivery Experience
The Shippit logo that appears on top left of the Email Notification may be customized to your logo when you avail of the branding and advertising feature.

Customer Tracking Preview

From the Email Notification Preview, you may click on Track Delivery to access the Customer Tracking Preview.
Compared to the Email Notification Preview which only shows the current delivery status, the Customer Tracking Preview displays the complete journey of a shipment from order placement until it has been completed.
We have identified the parts that you need to be familiar with the most:
  1. Tracking Number
  2. Estimated Time of Arrival
  3. Complete Recipient Details
  4. Complete Carrier Details
  5. Delivery Status
Apart from customizing the Shippit logo on the top left to your logo, you may also add an advertisement about your upcoming sale, discount on second purchase, or links to your social media pages through the Customer Tracking page. Connect with our sales team today to find out how!

SMS Notification

SMS for all the delivery status is activated by default. If you need to turn it off for some of the steps in delivery, email today.


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