Shippit can integrate to Dear in less than 5 minutes! You only need to grant access to relevant order details in your Dear Inventory System and then update some settings before you start shipping.


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You may also review this full detail guide divided into the following sections:

  1. Integration Process
  2. Configuration Options
  3. Frequently Asked Questions


Integration Process

Dear_2.png Generate an Application Key in Dear


  1. Log in to Dear and go to Integrations
  2. Click on API - DEAR Inventory
  3. Name the new integration you're setting up and click Create
  4. Take note of the Account ID and Application Key
  5. Ensure that the Application is Active


API.png Enter your Dear Details to Shippit

  1. Enter the Account ID and Application Key you generated prior
  2. Click Connect


Shippit_icon.png Register Shippit as Carrier


  1. Go back in to Dear and on the left navigation pain, select a Sales
  2. Choose any of the orders that have already been packed and click on Ship
  3. Click on Add Carrier and if the dropdown is empty, click Add More Items
  4. Add Shippit as a carrier


CHECK your integration by ensuring you now have a Webhook URL. If you do not see the Webhook URL field populated, email us right away at





Configuration Options

All your configuration options may be accessed in Shippit by going to Settings > Integrations.

Order_Sync_2.png Orders Sync

The Orders tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders from Dear to Shippit through the following options:


  • Auto-Sync New Orders - set to Yes by default; this option ensures orders are automatically pulled across into Shippit from Dear
  • Default Email - this will be used for orders that do not contain a customer’s email address


Mapping.png Shipping Method Mapping

The Shipping Method Mapping function allows you to match your Dear shipping methods to a specific service or service class in Shippit.


If you offer Free Shipping, you can minimise your shipping cost by identifying the specific service or service class that you would like the order to be transacted through.

There is also an option to map to Click & Collect. This allows you to generate a label for an order and as soon as the label is downloaded, the order is moved from the New Orders tab to the Track tab.

Lastly, if you have orders that you don't need to fulfil in Shippit we have added a new shipping method to help you Skip orders. When your Dear shipping method is mapped to Don’t send to Shippit, your orders will not be synced with Shippit.




Upload.png Manually Import Orders

You can manually import orders to Shippit through our integration middleware, Shippit Connect.

Once logged into Shippit, go to Settings > Integrations and click Launch Connect. Here you can:
  • Manually import in bulk the orders awaiting fulfillment by going to Orders > Click Import
  • Manually import orders in bulk by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import > Choose By Created Date and select the date and time from when you would like to import orders
  • Manually import an individual order by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import > Choose By Order Number and enter the Dear order reference number
  • Once you click Import, will see a green Processing bar appear at the top of the page informing you of how many orders are being processed for import.
Alternately, you can also use this middleware to:
  • Update integration settings
  • View order sync history - see which orders were successfully sent to Shippit including any that failed
  • View fulfillment sync history - see which shipment status were successfully sent to Shippit including any that failed



Fulfillment.png Fulfillments Sync

The Fulfillments tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders' shipment status from Shippit to Dear. With this setting enabled, Shippit will update Dear with all tracking information of the order.




Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage are my orders synced with Shippit?

Shippit will pull in your orders when the order contains a confirmed "Pack" record in Dear Inventory.

This enables you to have Dear Inventory determine what items will be shipped for your order, based on available inventory levels.

If required — you can also opt to have Dear "automatically" pack orders so that they progress to Shippit as they are raised in Dear. Documentation on this is available at


Should I integrate the Shippit app in Dear, or should I go through Shippit Connect/direct API?

If you cannot subscribe to the notifications module (which we highly recommend you do), then it is recommended that you connect via the Shippit app in Dear. Alternatively, it might be beneficial for you to arrange for a trial of the notifications webhook to gauge whether or not this is the right product for you.


Why are my orders not coming across to Shippit?

This could be due to:

  1. Incorrect content and/or format of customer and delivery information
  2. Insufficient carrier services activated in Shippit > Settings > Carriers
  3. The pack webhook has not been triggered. This can be caused by automated workflows in Dear that would bypass the pack authorisation step.

Why am I not receiving tracking updates for the orders I have booked through Shippit?

Check your Shippit Fulfilment Sync settings in Dear Inventory to see if it is enabled. If it is, check your Shippit Webhook URL in Shippit. If empty, re-register your Webhook by disabling Fulfilment Sync in Dear Inventory, and then re-enabling.

Why are all my fulfilments failing in Shippit Connect?

Possible reasons for why fulfillments have failed in Shippit Connect:

  1. The ship record has already been closed in Dear Inventory.
  2. The carrier value for Shippit has not been set in Dear.

Why are the orders I book in Shippit Connect not appearing in my Fulfilment History?

This could be due to:

  1. Your Shippit webhook URL was not registered after setup or accidentally deleted
  2. Pre-existing webhook URL was not overridden after connecting Dear Inventory with Shippit. The webhook URL for Dear Inventory is typically structured as:

In any case, you can easily re-register the webhook URL by navigating to Dear Inventory Inventory Integration Settings > Fulfilments and then clicking "UPDATE". After doing so, please refresh the browser and confirm that the webhook URL has been re-registered.


Does Shippit pull in advanced sales?

Yes! Shippit can sync both simple and advanced sales orders.


Can I fulfil orders out of different locations in Shippit via Dear?

Unfortunately, not.


Can I live quote on international orders within the Shopping Cart?

Unfortunately, not.


If I delete or make an amendment to an order in Shippit, will it delete/update in Dear?



Dear Integration Tip

The way the order reference appears in Shippit will depend on whether or not you are syncing a simple or advanced sales order. A simple sales order will only have the sales order reference eg SO-00011. With an advanced sale, we will always append the fulfilment number to the end of the sales order reference eg SO-00011/1.

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