Carriers Defaulting to ATL Contactless Delivery | 28th June 2021


As the cases of COVID-19 continue to appear in several states, to limit contact when delivering orders, some carriers will be using default ATL contactless delivery.

NOTE: this is a decision made and enforced directly from the carrier/s, not Shippit itself as the aggregator. Each carrier's standard terms of carriage will still apply to these deliveries.


What is contactless delivery?

  • The receiver is home at the time of delivery.
  • A physical signature is not recorded and the driver will instead, note the receiver's name.

Carriers using contactless delivery:

  • All carriers.


What is default ATL contactless delivery?

  • The receiver does not need to be home at the time of delivery.
  • The driver will deliver the package to a safe location (if available) without a signature.

Carriers using default ATL contactless delivery:

  • Fastway.
  • CouriersPlease.
  • Allied Express (Standard Service).


How does the delivery process work?

  • The driver will knock or ring the bell, place the goods on the ground and step away.
  • If your customer is at the delivery address, the driver will only note the full name of the customer instead of obtaining a physical signature.
  • If the delivery address is unattended and the driver considers there to be a safe area to leave the goods, ATL will be followed and no name obtained.
  • Once the goods are left in a safe area, delivery drivers will do their best to make a note of the location or take a picture as proof of delivery however it is not guaranteed.
  • If the driver considers it not safe to leave goods unattended, they should return back to the depot where redelivery can be booked on a day the customer is home. The customer can choose to have it dropped to a collection point and collect it themselves or, the driver may also do this by default if one is nearby.
  • Proof of delivery when available will be uploaded online see CouriersPlease Tracking, Allied Express Tracking, or Fastway Tracking.


What is considered a safe place?

  • Out of wet weather, avoiding damage.
  • Out of direct sight from a main road or passers-by, avoiding theft.
  • Surrounding areas to the front/back of the property where it's safe for the driver to access and no animals are present.


What if the goods are of high value or ATL is not an option?

  • Carriers such as Bonds Priority, Allied Priority, TNT, and Toll B2C will always require the receiver to be home at the time of delivery.
  • For metro deliveries, we suggest using Priority Carriers such as Bonds and Allied who offer same-day delivery on a day your customer is home. 
  • Bonds Priority offers a timeslot delivery window that could be more convenient for your customer.





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