🚀 Delivery Help Launcher for Recipients and Senders

Shippit's Help Launcher Reduces Enquiries, Speeds up Resolution & Keeps Customers Happy

Now Available for Senders!

Shippit’s Delivery Help Launcher saves you time and heartache. Now available for senders and recipients, you can instantly request help directly from their delivery tracking screen. No more messy, communications or lengthy forms just seamless support without the middleman.

From a range of support options including redelivery, redirection, delays, damaged or missing deliveries and more, your and your customers can now place a support request in just 2 quick clicks.

For support that needs that extra level of detail, you can add a message when submitting the request. We will then reach out via email with an update or continue the conversation.

The Delivery Help Launcher is exclusively available for deliveries booked on Shippit’s discounted shipping services. We’ve also updated instructions in the tracking emails so your customers know how to easily get help on their deliveries.

How it Works

At the bottom of the track page, your and your customers can now see a button to get help on their delivery by accessing the Help Launcher. Here's an example of the steps involved for a request to update the delivery address. 

💡 Senders can also access the Help Launcher from the Track Screen. See how.


Here's a step-by-step snapshot of the new delivery support experience:



What happens next?

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Our team will then reach out with an update or to continue the conversation.



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