Protect the goods you send through Shippit with our low-cost Transit Protection. This allows you to cover your goods at retail value against loss or damage during transit for up to the Maximum Cover Amount specified here for domestic and international deliveries.

By default, Transit Protection will be added to all your deliveries. You will then have the option of opting out for certain carriers you don't require protection for.


Click here for a downloadable Transit Protection Fact Sheet.


What's covered?

  • Loss or damage during transit.
  • Goods that comply with Packaging Requirements.
  • Goods with order values declared at the time of booking on Shippit. You can ensure this is automatically synced from your shopping cart.

What's not covered?

  • Damage or losses resulting from intentional errors by the Client.
  • Damage or losses caused by inadequate or incompatible packaging or preparation of Goods for reasonable protection during transit.
  • Damage or losses caused by damage or deterioration resulting from the inherent properties or nature of the Goods.
  • Damage or losses caused by insolvency or financial failure of the owner of the charter manager or vessel operator, where the Client knew or reasonably ought to have known about such insolvency or financial failure.
  • Damage or direct or indirect losses arising from the use of any weapon or war equipment that uses atomic power or fission and/or nuclear fusion or other similar reactions or power or radioactive material.
  • Loss due to parcel contents listing / information not being consistent with the actual contents of the parcel.
  • All types of drugs and other substances are prohibited from transport or possession under the relevant laws, and including prescription drugs.
  • Loss or damage caused by nature of items including wear or shrinking.
  • Loss or damage caused as a result of oxidation, pollution or nuclear.
  • Losses caused by collusion/conspiracy/fraud carried out in groups between buyers and sellers.
  • Damage to the Goods and loss of some items that are not accompanied by damage of shipping package.
  • Pre-existing damage of Goods.
  • Any goods which are prohibited from being sold, owned or circulated to consumers under Australian law.
  • Media in the form of CD / DVD / VCD, or other recording media that are contrary to copyright law. These include those containing pirated movies, music, games or software.
  • Government and travel documents.
  • Human parts/organs.
  • Printed/recorded items whose contents can interfere with security & order and national stability.
  • Live animals.
  • Cash, gold, and/or precious stones.


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