Submitting a Claim. 🚀

Submitting a claim is designed to really easy! 

  1. At the bottom of the order track page, you can now see a button to get help on that delivery. Our Delivery Help Launcher will automatically send off a query to our Support team who will be back in touch to assist.
  2. Our team will first work with the delivery carrier to reach a resolution. Then, once your Transit Protection claim has been submitted, you'll receive an outcome notification within just 3 business days.


💡 Senders can also access the Help Launcher from the Track Screen. See how.




Claim Timeframes.

Whilst we ask you to allow a few extra days for goods to be delivered before reporting them missing, we urge you to contact our support team shortly after if you're concerned something might have gone missing.

If you've received damaged goods, we urge you to contact us immediately for advice as claim windows do have expiry dates.

Here is the greatest amount of time you have to lodge a claim with Shippit.

  • Damaged goods - 7 days, if not immediately after receiving the damaged goods.
  • Missing & goods lost in transit - 14 days.


What's Needed.

You will need to provide a few things for your claim to be reviewed:

  1. Tax invoice.
  2. Bank details.
  3. Lost in transit notification from the carrier (for BYO carrier accounts).
  4. Pictures of the damaged goods.
  5. Pictures of the internal and external packaging.

In some cases and with high-value goods, other documents may be required.

If you integrate your own carrier account into Shippit, you still need to report damage/loss to Shippit within these timeframes whilst waiting on the carrier to finalise their investigation.

Please keep hold of damaged goods until further notice from Shippit support staff, unless it's unsafe to do so. It's possible the goods may need to be returned or inspected further.









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