Businesses based in Singapore and Malaysia receive a breakdown of their incurred costs through easy-to-read invoices.




As a merchant uses Shippit, Invoices will build up in Shippit > Billing Details.


Merchants can change their Invoice view based on date range, or export invoices into a .csv file by clicking on the blue buttons at the far right end of the Billing History page.


The Billing Contact indicated in a Shippit store will also receive a copy of invoices via email.


Types of Invoices

We must distinguish between the types of invoices that merchants receive from Shippit.

  1. Shipping Invoices - generated daily as payment for shipping orders on Shippit's discounted rates with couriers. Your shipping invoice will list each of your booking as a line item.
  2. Software Invoices - generated monthly as payment for using the Shippit platform, including the label fee/s for orders booked on merchant's direct rates with couriers.
  3. Cash on Delivery (COD) Invoices - processed 2 weeks after end-of-month for all amounts collected by and received from couriers for COD orders. Read more about COD Invoicing here.

All Shippit invoices are due within agreed payment terms and direct debited upon due date to avoid any interruption to the service



Payment Details

Every Shippit store is required to save 'Payment Details'. This is located within your Billing Details.


Once you navigate to Billing Details, you will be able to save your default Card Information.


This saved Card Information will be charged daily at 8:00 AM with the total amount of the Shipping Invoice generated from the day before. Monthly, the total amount of the Software Invoice will be deducted from this card too.

If you need to update your saved Card Information, you can go to Shippit > Billing Details anytime.


Authorisation Charge

After saving Card Information, a merchant may be charged $1 for authorisation. This charge is reversed immediately but may take 7-10 business days before it is removed from the bank statement. Find out more here.


questions.pngBilling Inquiries

If you have any questions about your invoice, please contact accounts@shippit.com.

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