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Direct Freight Expres is BYO only. Shippit does not currently offer Direct Freight services on our own accounts.

However, if you have your own pre-negotiated rates, you can book Direct Freight Express orders in Shippit by integrating your account.


How to start shipping with Direct Freight.

Please contact your Direct Freight Express Account Manager to obtain the following information: 

  1. Account Number
  2. API Key for Tracking
  3. Site ID - 4 to 5 digits if you have multiple despatch points; otherwise, we will just input 000
  4. Site Indicator
  5. Rate Card - in editable spreadsheet format
  6. Fuel Surcharge

Submit the complete information to As soon as the Shippit Configuration Team acknowledges your submitted information, we will build a rate card in Shippit format for 1-3 days. This will be sent back to you for approval before being deployed to your account.

  • When requesting for Direct Freight Express to be configured to your account, please specify if you need it for Shippit staging and/or production. The requirements for configuration to both Shippit staging and production are the same.
  • Shippit does not have an account and/or rates with Direct Freight Express. Any merchant who wishes to use Direct Freight Express in Shippit needs to set-up an account with this courier first and provide us the requirements enumerated above.
  • Shippit's integration with Direct Freight Express currently do not support:
      1. RateType PALLET - CTN is supported
      2. Cubic Weight Declaration - cubic volume should still influence chargeable weight, but the Weight Declaration type sent through the manifest requires dimensions to be provided
      3. Tailgate Surcharge
      4. Hand Unload
      5. 3rd Party Pick-ups, Return-to-Sender, and Redirection
      6. Saturday Pick-up and Delivery
      7. Insurance Amounts
      8. Dangerous Goods
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