How manifests work 

What is a manifest

A manifest is essentially a summary of the order information which is sent to the carrier electronically from Shippit when you hit Book/Manifest. It contains crucial data that is used by the carrier to invoice you accurately and track the delivery journey of each order booked.

How to manifest

Once you've confirmed orders from the New Orders tab you'll have the option from Ready to Ship to download & print a label allowing you time to pick, pack and despatch as required.

Once your packages are ready for collection, you need to manifest by hitting BOOK NOW & your manifests will appear in Manifest History below.

Why is a manifest so important

It's crucial to book/manifest your orders before handing them over to a pickup driver. Failure to do so will result in a late manifest fee which varies depending on the carrier.

Manifesting after a collection by a driver may also affect the normal behvaiour of tracking events flowing into Shippit from the carrier, proving problematic with notifcations your customers receive. Tracking events will not flow into Shippit at all if an order is not manifested on time as it appears non-existent. You will however still be charged for the order including a late manifest fee when a scan event is captured by the carrier.

Printed manifests

Whilst Shippit will always provide you with the option to print your manifests, these will not be required for all carriers. For those carriers, the driver will not request this from you upon collection - see below.

A printed manifest can be a handy tool to help those clients with smaller volumes of freight, to keep track of their dispatched freight at handover. However, for those clients manifesting larger volumes, a printed manifest will not be signed by the driver as it is time consuming and not a requirement at pickup. Instead your packages will be scanned in at the depot upon arrival at the end of the day. Carriers require physical scans to show an article has entered and travelled in their network.

Note: a printed & signed manifest does not act as proof of collection with any carrier as they require a physical scan before claiming it has travelled in their network. If you experience any difficulties with freight handover, our team can provide advice if you reach out to your Shippit account manager.

Manifest requirements & pickup requests



How pickups work

PIckup profile

Your pickup requirements will vary based on your business model, freight profile, and type of pickup location.

If you're shipping special goods (dangerous goods, fragile, liquids) or have special pickup requirements (palletised or consolidated freight), you'll receive a little help from us to set things up correctly when onboarding or activating your store location/s. You'll most likely also receive scheduled collections depending on the volume of freight you're shipping daily.

If you don't ship any of the above, your pickup requirements should be pretty basic and not require any assistance when setting up. You'll receive 'adhoc' collections in logistics terminology.

How Shippit books a pickup

Once orders are booked on Shippit we'll automatically send an electronic manifest to the carrier for each order. They will then upload the relevant booking information and pickup as required.

Some carriers will automatically assign a driver which means goods need to be ready for collection before booking. Others, as mentioned below, will rely on your own agreed schedule with the carrier.

Some carriers also require a printed physical manifest aswell which Shippit will provide at the time of creating the order. Once you've hit 'manifest' on Shippit you can then download and print the manifest ready for the driver at time of collection.

Cancelling a pickup

Priority & On Demand orders must be cancelled by Shippit, please contact our support team immediately to cancel these orders.

Standard and Express orders can be cancelled from within Shippit, see below.

  • Simply navigate to the TRACK page within the Shippit App and search the order.
  • Select Cancel Delivery and we'll send the carrier a notification to cancel the pickup.
  • Note: if the driver has already attempted collection, a futile fee may apply.


Rebooking a pickup

It’s not necessary to rebook a pickup if you receive regular pickups and a package has been missed as the driver will simply collect it the next time.

If you have a delayed pickup or a Pickup Failed status, please contact Shippit support who can rebook a pickup for you.

Pickup cut-off times

Service Level

Pickup Time


  • If you manifest before 11am, you might receive a collection on the same day however collection normally occurs within 1 business day.
  • During peak times and when networks are under pressure, adhoc collections (non-scheduled) can take 2-3 business days.
  • Specific pickup times cannot be booked as it will always depend on the driver's run for the day however they normally collect around the same time.
  • Drivers also normally do collections later in the day, even up until 5 or 6pm so please don't panic if you havent received a collection right away. If your closing hours are earlier than this please let us know so that we can try to arrange something with the carrier or offer an alternative where possible.
  • If you have time critical dellveries or pickup requirements, you're best to book express or priority carriers, not standard.


  • Express & overnight carriers collect a lot quicker than standard carriers so you can normally expect a pickup within a few hours of booking on Shippit. 



On Demand

On Demand

  • On Demand orders need to be ready for the driver within 30 minutes from booking so the driver can meet the 3 hour delivery expectation
  • If the driver shows and goods are not ready, you will receive a futile fee and required to rebook collection.

Priority Same Day

  • Depending on the hours of configuration enabled in your settings, these orders can request deliveries up until 10pm however, the driver could collect any time throughout the day
  • It's essential to have these orders ready within 30minutes of booking aswell to avoid any futile fees and the need to rebook collection.

Priority Timeslot bookings

  • You can normally expect collection within 2 hours of booking however can collect closer to the end of the delivery window (if a later time or next day time slot is selected).

Check out our Same Day Shipping & On Demand Shipping guides for more info.

BYO Account

You’ll need to agree on a pickup or drop-off schedule with the carrier directly.

What if my pickups aren't going as expected?

If the agreed arrangement isn't going to plan or your circumstances change, it's important to let us know so we can understand what's going on and how we can help things improve.

You can start with reaching out to our support team initially as they're fully equipped to rebook pickups and offer alternative pickup solutions where needed.

If you have a dedicated Shippit account manager let them know directly so they can ask for help from our carrier operations team. 


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