⏱ Weekly Carrier Transit Times | Australia & New Zealand | 17th January 2022.

With millions of delivery bookings made on Shippit every week, we’re continuously monitoring carrier performance.

We've distilled all that data into this transit time matrix which is designed to give you real-time data, enabling you to make the right decisions for your business!


This week's highlights & recommendations:

  • The ongoing rippling effects Covid-19 is having on the industry and our partnered carrier networks is undeniable with a good percentage of staff in all areas of business off & isolating, delays in both freight management and customer support are to be expected for the coming few weeks.
  • Several of our carrier partners have communicated that at least one or more of their depots are experiencing issues which is affecting pickup and processing timeframes. Non prioritised freight will continue to remain in the backlog so delivery delays are also expected to continue.
  • We are seeing 2-3 day delays across most metro or interstate metro lanes, and 3 day + delays across country and to regional areas.

Click the below links to view a high-res image:

AU Domestic Key Delivery Lane Transit Times

New Zealand & International Key Delivery Lane Transit Times.









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