TNT Home Delivery Surcharge & Manual Handling Surcharge


What's changed?

From 7 December 2020, TNT updated their domestic shipment surcharges and fees. If you have booked TNT through Shippit in the past, you will have received an email from Shippit advising of these changes.


​​​​​​Residential Pick-up and Delivery Fee.

All TNT bookings picked up from, or delivered to residential addresses will incur an additional fee, charged per consignment based on its chargeable cubic weight.

A. Residential Pick-Up / Delivery (Base) Fees:

  • $5.00 (ex. GST) - Residential Delivery or Pick-Up and / or from a residential address.

B. Heavy Residential Pick-Up / Delivery Fees:

  • $55.00 (ex. GST) - Residential Delivery or Pick-Up of consignments with a weight of 30 kg* and over but less than 100 kg*
  • $175.00 (ex. GST) - Residential Delivery or Pick-Up of consignments with a weight of 100 kg* and over

*cubic or deadweight whichever is greater.


Please Note:

  1. The (A) Residential Pick-Up / Delivery (Base) Surcharges will be added on top of (B) Heavy Residential Pick-Up / Delivery Surcharges. 
  2. Charged weight refers to the greater between volumetric / cubic weight or dead weight.
  3. Residential & Heavy Residential surcharges will be in effect when the total consignment charged weight equals or exceeds one of the two thresholds (30kg or 100kg).
  4. If your place of business is a residential address (as classified by TNT), you will be required to pay surcharges for both pick-up from and delivery to residential address i.e. double.
  5. If you make residential bookings with TNT, having the residential & heavy residential delivery surcharges included on your Shippit account will ensure you avoid these surcharges later on. However, Residential & Heavy Residential Pick-up surcharges cannot be included in the quote as they are added by TNT after pick-up.
  6. If you are shipping to business addresses only, you have the option to opt-out of these residential surcharges in the quote. Please contact our Support team via to get this disabled.


What qualifies as a "Residential Address"?

Unlike a "business address" (e.g. a warehouse), a "residential address" does not have loading docks nor resides in a business park. The "residential" classification (and subsequent surcharge) is solely determined by TNT. Although the concept of "residential addresses" is typically understood as places of residence (e.g. house or apartment), TNT may classify your pick-up address as "residential" at their discretion. If you believe your place of business has been incorrectly classified as "residential", please raise this with Support via


Do you ship with your own account?

If you make residential bookings with TNT, having the fees included on your Shippit account will ensure you avoid unexpected fees or surcharges later on.

However, you do have the option to opt-out and will need to contact our Support team via to get this disabled.


Do you ship purely B2B and not to residential addresses?

As the Residential & Heavy Residential Pick-up and Delivery Fees is only applicable for residential addresses, if you exclusively use TNT for business to business deliveries, these updates may not be relevant for your Shippit account.

As these latest fees will be included in quotes generated by Shippit, this will impact how carriers are allocated to orders. We can assist with B2B configuration*, please contact our Support team via for further assistance.


What can I do to avoid these surcharges?

We suggest enabling alternative carriers today to avoid the fee increase. 

This is a significant increase by TNT and to minimise the immediate impact on your business, Shippit recommends enabling an alternative bulky goods carrier.

For same city deliveries, we'd suggest using Same Day delivery services such as Bonds or Allied Express' Same Day, available instantly with Shippit's account. With no residential surcharges, these carriers are more cost-effective for shorter distances and ensure a fast, convenient customer experience.

Shipping interstate? We recommend trying delivery services such as Hunter Express or Allied Express' Standard delivery service, which is also more competitive for deliveries over 100kg, to most destinations.


What else has changed?

​​​​​​Manual Handling Processing (MHP) Fee.

TNT have increased their MHP fee to $12.50 (ex. GST) from $9.50 (ex. GST) per item on items that are not compatible with TNT's sortation system, such as:

  • Size:
    Length < 200 mm or > 1200 mm and / or
    Width < 100 mm or > 600 mm and / or
    Height < 15mm or > 800 mm and / or
    Diagonal Length > 1200 mm
  • Weight - less than or equal 250 g or greater than or equal 30 kg. Due to Australian OHS standards, you will need to use a skid or pallets for any boxes that are 30 kg or over chargeable weight.
  • Fragility (including glass)
  • Poor packaging (including where the parcel is unstable due to poor weight distribution)
  • Unusual shape (including tubes, flat pack items)
  • Dangerous Goods

To avoid additional or unexpected fees, we recommend ensuring all your bookings are adequately packaged for safe delivery. You can check out packaging guidelines here or read TNT's instructions for preparing irregular items for delivery.

​​​​​These fees will be applied in addition to any other fee or surcharge in relation to the consignment, including the existing Residential Delivery Fee (RSD) and/or Residential Pickup Fee (RSP) of $5 per consignment for delivery to and/or pickup from a residential address.



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