Shippit partners with a tonne of carriers worldwide to give you access to the best shipping solutions both domestically and internationally, and our highly competitive rates are easily accessed when using Shippit's accounts.

With all these different products, it can be difficult to know what to expect so we've made it easy to compare carrier services by using our matrix below.

For an explanation on how we classify each service type, see here. Or, to deep dive into each carrier specifically, check out our Know Your Carrier section.


Standard A varied transit time (i.e not overnight or express).
Express A specific transit time is expected.
On-demand An urgent delivery time is expected within 3hours from booking.
Priority Priority 'NOW' will provide an urgent delivery within 4 hours from booking.
Priority Timeslot will provide a future 3-hour delivery window.

Priority Sameday guarantees delivery before close of business day when booked before 2pm.

International Express

Time specific international transit times.

International Standard Less time stringent international transit times.


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How to get started.

To tap into our rates simply go to Shippit Settings>Carriers and turn on the carriers you want to start shipping with. For step-by-step guides on how to do this, check out our Carrier Integrations section.

Carriers requiring pre-approval before activation will be greyed out. You'll need to contact Shippit support for assistance with activating these carriers.

If you would prefer to use your own negotiated rates with a carrier, not a worry! Most of our partnered carriers are integrated into Shippit to alllow for BYO connectivity which means you can still access your rates whilst using Shippit. 


See all carriers.










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