Shippit's Rules Engine enables you to easily create rules to control how orders are allocated to carriers based on selected Conditions and Actions. Learn more about the available Conditions & Actions here

With the Rules Engine, you can:

  • Create a Rule with multiple Conditions
  • Create multiple rules for your Store account

To create a rule:

  • Step 1: Click “Name your rule.” This helps you identify the rule quickly among all the rules you’ve set.

  • Step 2: Click “Add conditions.” The condition/s will be evaluated when a new order comes in or an existing order is updated. If your conditions are ALL met, then your chosen actions will be applied. You can add more conditions by clicking “Add another condition”

  • Step 3: Click “Add action.” The action will be taken if the condition/s for the rule is met when your chosen conditions are ALL met whenever a new order comes in or an existing order is updated.

  • Step 4: Click “Save Rule.” By default, the rule is disabled to prevent changing new orders immediately. You can enable rules when you’re ready to apply the rule to new orders.

After creating a rule, it will be disabled by default. Remember to enable the rule after you’ve created the rule to start applying that rule to new orders.


Create Rules with Multiple Conditions

For complex or more specific scenarios, you can create a rule that applies the same action after all specified conditions are met. 

For example, you could create a rule to not allocate orders to CouriersPlease if an order's postcode is outside of the range, 2000-2500 and outside the range, 1000-1500. 

The rule will only be applied if an order's postcode is outside both ranges. Here's what the Rule will look like in Shippit.


To learn more, check out our other support articles on the Rules Engine

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