Understand the Rules Engine & Allocation Settings

How the Rules Engine Works

Shippit applies rules to orders for every new order or every time an order's details are updated. Once rules are applied to orders, your default Allocation Settings will then be applied. 

Here's a diagram of how the Rules Engine fits into Shippit's order processing flow.


What to remember

  1. Rules are applied to new or updated orders. Whenever a new order is created or an existing order has its details updated, the Rules Engine applies the entire set of rules/

  2. Rules may update an order's allocated carrier. For example, if you have created a rule to not allocate to certain carriers (e.g. for heavy products), when a new order with heavy products syncs into Shippit, then the allocated carrier will exclude carriers specified in the rule.

  3. Shippit's Allocation Settings will only apply after the Rules have been applied. Allocation Settings (see below) will be applied after the Rules Engine has evaluated the order.907ba72a-bf84-4673-b065-79357a03666d.png

To learn more, check out our other support articles on the Rules Engine

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