Allied Express - Summary of Price Increases | August 2021


Due to increasing operations costs, Allied Express will be increasing their base charge effective from 26th August 2021.

In addition, Allied has also significantly increased surcharges regarding their home deliveries of oversized items (see below), effective 4 August 2021.

These surcharges will be applicable for deliveries to residential addresses, using Allied's national road delivery services (this excludes Same Day delivery service).

If you have booked Allied through Shippit in the past, you will have received an email from Shippit advising of these changes. 


What has changed?

Price Increase on Base Charge

An increase of $0.50 (ex GST) on the base charge effective from 26th August 2021.


Residential Surcharge for oversized items

Effective from 4 August 2021, Allied will be applying the significant surcharges to oversized items of the following criteria:
  • Any one side exceeding 2.4 m; or
  • The longest side exceeding 1.2 m and two shorter sides going up to 1.2 m each; or
  • Total volume exceeds 1.728 m³

Surcharges for exceeding any of the above criteria are as follows:

  • A depot manual handling fee of $14.50 (ex. GST) per item; and
  • A two person crew delivery surcharge of $315 (ex. GST) per consignment


Please note: these surcharges will replace the current length, width and home delivery surcharges on these items


Why are these charges being implemented, and how can I avoid them?

Whist there's never a good time for a price rise, the increase in prices is due to an increase from our carrier - Allied Express. These surcharges have been introduced due to the manual handling required throughout the delivery process for bulky items. 

To avoid these charges, we recommend:

  • Please avoid sending items over 2.4 metres in one direction or 1.2 metres in more than one direction, or items over 55 kg with Allied as there will be additional surcharges mentioned above. 
  • If you are required to send such items, please look into alternative carrier options and review quotes at the time of booking. 
  • Please ensure your packed items (in accordance with our Packaging Guidelines) are measured accurately in all directions and allow some buffer in order to avoid the above surcharges being billed to you at month's end.
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