🌟 Learn about the improved `New Orders` page

We've been working hard over the last few months to bring you a new and improved 'New Orders' page. We've put together a summary and FAQ's for you to understand what to expect.

From 31 August 2021, we'll be progressively migrating our user base to the new experience.


What's changing

We've rebuilt the `New Orders` page and have made it easier to review Product, Package, and Carrier details so that you can confirm and fulfil orders faster.

This has involved redesigning the page and how orders appear in the table, as well as surfacing more relevant order details. 

Don't worry. We won't be taking away anything, just improving the experience to simplify your workflow.


Here's what you can expect

↔️A new table layout and wider columns for better readability

Say goodbye to overflowing order references and tracking ID's!


👕 New product column to help you see what you need to pack

We've added a new column with extra order details to help you see what you need to pack and the items for each order.


✏️New Popovers for easy editing 

To quickly see more information on orders and make quick edits, click on and order's Products, Recipient, or Package details to display a Popover.


🔍Dual-level rows with relevant order details for added context

To improve readability we've moved information from previous columns into sub rows, allowing us to also introduce more relevant and important order details.


⬆️ Sort columns for flexible ways to prioritise

You'll now be able to sort the Order and Carrier columns in ascending or descending orders to give you more control over how you view and manage orders. 


👀Hide (or show) columns

You can now customise which columns are visible based on which order details are the most useful to you. Easily hide or show columns by clicking on the cog buttom on the New Orders page.


Why are things changing

We’re committed to improving our users' experience using Shippit.

We've made these updates to improve and simplify how you view, edit, sort and confirm orders on the `New Orders` page.

Not just a prettier look and feel, these updates have been critical in ensuring our teams are able to deliver new and exciting features to you more quickly. Stay tuned!


How will this affect me

Once these updates are launched, you'll automatically see the `New Orders` page upon signing in. You'll be able to see any existing orders in the new view.


What if I'm experiencing an issue with the new page

You can easily switch back to the old view from your Settings.You can also reach out to our support team and we'll also do our best to help troubleshoot the problem.


I have more questions, can someone help me

Of course! Please drop a comment below and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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