🛒 2021 Key Peak Online Sales Events & Peak Planning.

Due to unprecedented volumes in the retail and ecommerce industries in 2021 our partnered Carriers are experiencing delays and capacity issues.

To ensure capacity is managed we've been working with our partnered carriers to plan for the busiest time of the year.

Below you'll find some of our best tips to ensure your peak period runs as smooth as possible!


Key seasonal dates for peak 2021.

1st October

Start of peak period.

Peak period = 1 Oct through to Jan 3rd 2022.

9th November

Click Frenzy.

A national online mega-sale event, which allows retailers in Australia to promote their exclusive offers to customers on the central ‘Click Frenzy’ platform.

11th November

Single's Day.

26th November Black Friday.
29th November

Cyber Monday.

(Cyber Weekend Nov 26-29).

Cyber Weekend is one of the biggest online sales events across the world.

3rd December

Latest shipping dates for arrival before 25th of Dec (standard delivery).

13th December

Green Monday.

For online shoppers, Green Monday is the busiest day of the pre-Christmas shopping season, and thus one of the best times to grab your last minute Christmas presents for a great value!

21st December

Last shipping day for arrival before 25th of Dec (express delivery).

24th December

Last shipping day for priority sameday shipping (when booked before 11am).

26th December

Boxing Day Sales.


How carriers & Shippit are preparing to meet demand.

  • Our partners have started bring in new fleets and drivers for high volume areas to help with the volume of packages going out for delivery.
  • Operations have been streamlined to ensure quick handover and turn around times.
  • Covid-19 safety measures have been implemented to ensure staff can perform their duties in a safe environment. Covid-safe plans have been designed to allow for business continuity in the event covid cases impact a depot or processing facility.
  • Operating hours are being extended for pickups, deliveries and processing within depots.
  • Shippit has provided crucial reporting forecasts to partners to help them prepare for an increase in volume in key areas or those at risk for delays.


Tips to prepare your business for peak.

Front end messaging:

  • To manage customer expectations and complaints, ensure you’re conveying messages surrounding delays and disruptions such as a site wide banner, display on your shipping information section and most importantly at checkout.

Warehouse opetations:

  • Increase warehouse operating hours. Adding evening shifts and weekend shifts can help reduce a backlog of freight come Monday morning.

  • Stock up on all packaging, labels and consumables prior to peak to ensure you have enough to get you through. Carriers do provide labels, packaging, skids, or pallets.

  • Prioritise Christmas sales stock and popular in season skus on your pick face to reduce the fulfilment time.

  • Prioritise order picking by delivery service type and customers delivery location (e.g a Sydney based warehouse would prioritise WA orders first as transit times are greater).

  • Ensure the safety of drivers and make sure all freight is presented in compliance with OHS standards & local government Covid-19 guidelines (i.e correct palletisation, hygiene measures being followed).

  • Ensure freight is ready on time. Drivers will not be able to wait too long for collections.

  • Ensure all freight is packaged & labelled properly. Ensure the label can be easily read and will stay affixed during transit. Please ensure that all items in the consignment are shipped together in proper cartons or stachels and not taped together.

  • Ensure you are assigning the correct carrier to oversized freight (i.e palletised freight must be booked with a bulky goods carrier and your account should be approved prior to booking).

  • Avoid sending items over 2.4m in length or of odd-shape. Goods that cannot travel easily through machine sortation systems will be delayed due to manual handling. Click and collect is a suitable option if you are shipping from store.

Carrier Operations: 

  • If you are shipping regular daily volume through any one carrier, speak with our Network Operations team to setup scheduled daily pickups with the carrier. Without an agreement in place, ad-hoc collections may take up to 2-3 days for collection.

  • Stay up to date with current transit times and network disruptions by checking out our Carrier Health Check on our website.

  • For time crucial deliveries, use express and same day carriers where required. Be transparent with your customers regarding delivery delays to reduce complaints.

  • For international shipments, be sure to check flight schedules and public holidays at the destination country that could cause delays. Ensure all required documentation is completed when booking to avoid customs or quarantine holds delaying the delivery.

  • If you have returns enabled, remind customers that orders must be labelled and packed correctly. Package must be in the original manufacturers packaging, or the same way in which the item was despatched. Drivers will not collect items that are not packaged or labelled correctly.

  • Please ensure the safety of drivers by making sure all freight is presented for collection in compliance with OHS standards & local government Covid-19 guidelines (i.e correct palletisation, hygiene measures being followed).

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