How Shippit is Supporting Hunter Express’ New Platform Launch

Last week, Hunter Express announced they will be going live with a new platform on 4 October. This will be a hard cutover from their previous system which, as of 1 October at 7:00 pm, will be terminated and any bookings generated via the legacy API/EDI systems will no longer be received.

To enable our customers to continue to ship with Hunter Express, our team has been working hard to make the necessary changes to our integration so that it’s compatible with the new platform.

How will this impact me?

From 1 October (7:00 pm) to 3 October, Hunter Express will be unavailable and not accepting any orders, meaning manifests can not be booked during this time. On 3 October, Shippit will be able to reconnect to the Hunter Express integration. Hunter has not yet confirmed a time for this.

We request that merchants hold off on manifesting orders for Hunter until 9 am on 4 October to give our team ample time for testing. 

However, if you can't avoid this, orders created using Shippit for Hunter Express during this period will be resent to Hunter Express once they make their new platform available.

Is any action required?

No action is required. As we can appreciate the sudden nature of this platform migration and the time of the year, our team has been working hard to minimise any impact on Shippit’s customers. 

As such, Shippit will be working with Hunter to ensure all credentials for Shippit’s customers are updated and compatible with the new platform. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to track my orders that are in transit as of 1 October?

Yes, Hunter will be importing all current orders into their new platform.  

What will happen when I reach my consignment range limit? 

Please contact your Hunter Express Account Manager to reset the consignment range or to advise of a new consignment prefix.


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