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Shipping and delivery

🔀 ​​​​​Company-level control for the rules engine

We've enhanced the rules engine to make it easier for company accounts to create, view and manage rules across multiple stores. Create rules and manage your carrier allocation from one place with a single view of all rules created at the company and store level.
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Fulfilment and optimisation

✈️ New customs fields for bulk imports

Improve efficiencies and avoid unnecessary customs clearance delays with our new bulk import fields for customs information on international deliveries. You can now specify order-level customs information on your CSV file and have this information automatically populated on commercial invoices.
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📦  Order-level customs information for PeopleVox

Available for Australia only
We've updated our PeopleVox integration to better support international shipping and help you minimise customs clearance delays. Our integration now allows you to sync unique customs information at an order level to Shippit and have this information automatically populated on commercial invoices.
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Post-purchase experiences

💬 Updated SMS delivery notifications

We've updated the text in our SMS delivery notifications to improve clarity and consistency in communicating with your customers about their deliveries. Updates have been made to all our SMS notifications, including our in transit, with driver, delivery attempted, awaiting collection and partially completed notifications.
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Carriers uplifted to new web tracking service

To give you and your customers more context and a better understanding of the statuses on our track page, we've migrated our standard carriers (domestic and international) to a new web tracking service. This means you'll see multiple in transit events to align with the carrier tracking events that occur throughout delivery, as well as new tracking statuses such as with customs and pickup failed. 



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