⚠️ TNT Network Delays | 1st December 2022


Please see below the current disruptions to TNT network as of 1st December 2022.

Kindly expect +1 day delay for outstanding deliveries from the following lanes:

Priority Service

  • Various to Perth

Road Service

  • Sydney / Melbourne to Perth
  • Sydney to Melbourne

Rail update: The NSW-WA line remains closed between Forbes and Broken Hill. Sydney to Perth trains will continue to take the alternate track via Melbourne until the new year.

Extended transit times may change up until the 23rd of December 2022 in all Ballarat Stations.

Roads between Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek (WA) are closed Manin Roads (WA) will resume on the 30th.

We will continue to monitor the situation with TNT and will update you as early as possible.

Keep an eye on our Health Check Network Status Gauge which shows the latest capacity indicators for our partnered carriers.



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