⚠️ this article pertains to custom built integrations, or platforms. It does not apply to Shippit supplied plugins/connectors.

To assist the support of our custom built API consumers we ask that requests to our HTTP APIs supply additional information in the request headers. The headers are as follows:


Request Header Purpose/Usage Example Type/Limits Mandatory
user-agent A string to help identify technical information about the integration. The value supplied can be anything. Useful information includes, software library names, release versions/dates. Shippit_Shipping for Magento2 v1.5.3 200 chars Optional, but strongly encouraged
x-shippit-partner A string to identify the entity developing and maintaining the integration. This could be a business name for self-maintained integrations, or the name of a technical partner maintaining the integration. Shopify, Wallymart 200 chars optional
x-shippit-platform A string identifying the platform/software making the calls. This will help us to identify when all integrations on the same platform require action, or who to contact about known issues with a platform type. Magento v2, CustomShop2000 200 chars Optional, but strongly encouraged

Whilst this information in the request headers is currently optional, it is highly encouraged as it will allow Shippit to better support your integration by helping us to more easily identify which systems are making which API requests, and who to contact with pertinent information about specific integrations and/or platforms.

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