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Shippit currently gives you access to 4PX's low-cost service within Melbourne & Sydney with delivery costs starting at $4.99. 4PX is ideal for a bulky and palletised freight standard delivery solution across Australia.



Freight Type
Best Fit For Not Suitable For
  • Sydney and Melbourne metro-based clients

  • Bulky goods and palletised freight

  • Clients shipping outside of metro areas
  • Dangerous goods and chemical materials
  • Food and perishables including live goods
  • Cigarettes
  • Unapproved alcohol and liquids
  • Cash, securities and high-value items
  • Pirated goods
  • Fragile goods
  • All prohibited goods by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Customer Type

Best Fit For Not Suitable For
  • Apparel, clothing and accessories (for kids and adults)

  • Fashion accessories, shoes and footwear

  • Department store, supermarket and grocery items

  • Houseware and home furnishing 

  • Kids' products and furnishing

  • Garden and pool (No DG)

  • Machinery, tools and hardware

  • Cosmetics and toiletries (No DG)

  • Sports and outdoor activities (sports, fitness, gym, camping, fishing, boating, outdoor activities)

  • Arts, culture, entertainment (party and events supplies, printings, designs, etc)

  • Toys, games, books and gifts

  • Computers and electronics (No DG)

  • Automotive (No DG)

  • Pet food and supplies (No perishables)

  • Office products and equipment

  • Alcohol & Beverages

  • Fragile homewares

  • High-value goods

  • Automotive (DG)

  • Garden and pool (DG)

  • Cosmetics and toiletries (DG)

  • Computers and electronics (DG)


Services Available

Shippit service level Service level Service offering


Standard delivery with pickup


Integration & Service Limitations

To see all carrier limitations, see our Carrier Overview Matrix.

Service Type Road
Service Level Standard
Max Dead Weight

<100 kg

Max Cubic Weight

<250 kg

Max Length

<2.0 m

Pallets Yes.
Dangerous Goods No.
Liquids No.
Food No.
Perishable Goods No.
BYO available No.


Alcohol Deliveries

Does 4PX accept alcohol in their network?

No, alcohol and liquids are not accepted in their network.


Heavy or Bulky Freight

Does 4PX accept heavy or bulky freight?

Yes, 4PX is ideal for palletised freight.


Dangerous Goods

No. 4PX will not transport any type of dangerous goods.

Should our account be used to ship dangerous or prohibited goods without prior approval, we may need to suspend or cancel your account.



Currently, you will not be able to turn on 4PX within Shippit as approval is required before shipping.

Please contact to activate your account before shipping.

If you're shipping pallets please download & complete the Bulky Goods Request Form and return this to for approval. You will receive confirmation via email usually within 1-3 days once it's all ready to go!

Can I bring my own carrier account (BYO)? 

No, at this stage we cannot support the integration of BYO accounts.


Pickup & Collection

Cancelling an Order

  • Orders need to be cancelled from within the Shippit UI.
  • Simply locate the order in your store account and select cancel order in the drop-down menu.

Cancellation Timeframes

  • If cancelled >24 hours from the collection date, you will be charged if the driver has already been called out and no goods are handed over. 
  • If cancelled <24 hours from the collection date, and no other goods are collected, you will be charged a futile fee.

Rebooking an Order

  • Using your Shippit tracking number, contact Shippit support via our Delivery Support Launcher
  • Click Get Delivery Help to rebook any collections

Driver Collection Times

  • Drivers operate on run schedules so a specific time cannot be given, however, collection can happen anywhere up until 6 pm usually.
  • Please allow one business day for collection or two during peak unless a regular pickup arrangement is already in place.

Futile Pickups

Someone is present at pickup but no goods are ready:

  • The driver should make a note of the date and time, and note a contact name on their PDA for record purposes

Location is inaccessible or no one is present:

  • The driver should find one connote on their PDA and mark it as futile which will record the date and time they presented
  • Take a picture of the location to show no goods are visible to collect.

Contacting Drivers

The carrier does not currently offer direct phone numbers for its drivers. 

If you need to discuss your collection, please contact Shippit support directly.

Regular Pickups

  • For locations with high daily volume of bookings, our Logistics Carrier Managers will organise daily pickup arrangements. In this case, an approximate pickup window of a few hours can be provided.
  • If you experience issues with your daily collection arrangement, please notify our support team who will escalate where required. In most cases, our support team is equipped to offer a backup on-demand pickup service.

Delivery FAQs

Delivery Process

The carrier will not require a physical signature for POD

Authority To Leave

  • The driver will knock or ring the bell, place the goods on the ground and step away.
  • If your customer is at the delivery address, the driver will only note the name of the customer instead of obtaining a physical signature.
  • If the delivery address is unattended and the driver considers there to be a safe area to leave the goods, ATL will be followed if requested. Once the goods are left in a safe area, delivery drivers will do their best to make a note of the location or take a picture as proof of delivery, however, it is not guaranteed.
  • If the driver considers it not safe to leave goods unattended, they should return back to the depot where redelivery can be booked on a day the customer is home.

Collection Points

4PX does not use collection points. If the customer is not home, goods will be returned to the depot for redelivery.


Redelivery can be booked by the customer online once a delivery attempt has been made and a card received.


Redelivery to a new address can be booked by the customer online once a delivery attempt has been made and a card received.

Proof of delivery

POD should be recorded on Shippit and carrier website once delivered.

Return to Sender (RTS)

RTS can be requested from the carrier, however, we must be able to reach the driver before delivery. There is no cost to the customer.

Packaging Guidelines

Please see Shippit’s recommended packaging guidelines here.

Carrier Insurance

There is no complimentary insurance automatically applied when booking with 4PX through Shippit.

Shippit Transit Protection

Shippit Transit Protection is not complimentary with this carrier when booking through Shippit.

The client can enable Shippit Transit Protection for coverage of up to $10k AU on the retail value of goods with no excess fee.


A public-facing surcharge matrix can be found on our website here


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