Service Suitability.

Neway's customisable service is greatly suited for large fragile items, homewares, and furniture that can’t be shipped with traditional carriers.

They offer a range of additional services to offer the end customer such as placing items within a specified room, rubbish removal, and even packing solutions.


Service Type


Service Level Standard.
Dead Weight Limit Unlimited.
Cubic Volume Limit


Max Length Unlimited.
Pallets No.
Dangerous Goods With approval only.
Liquids  No.
Food No.
Perishable Goods No.
BYO available No.


See also Carrier Weight & Size Limitations.


Freight Suitability.

Neway is able to transport some types of dangerous goods in limited quantities for pre-approved customers only.

Please contact your Shippit Account Manager or Support Team if you plan to ship any of the below mentioned goods as you need approval before shipping on our account. 

NOTE: should our account be used to ship dangerous or prohibited goods without prior approval, we may need to suspend or cancel your account.

Limited Goods.

The below DG can be shipped with prior approval only: 


Class 8 - Corrosives.

Defined as substances that can cause significant harm to living tissue and/or corrode steel and aluminum if they leak. Some common goods you’ll find in Class 8 include:

  • Strong acids, such as sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid
  • Strong bases, such as sodium hydroxide (lye)
  • Wet-cell batteries such as lead-acid automobile batteries
  • Some types of dye
  • Photographic processing chemicals

Class 8 is also subdivided into three packing groups based on how quickly the substance causes tissue or material damage. For more information on Hazard Class 8 packing groups, see the full UN hazmat classifications list.



Class 9 - Miscellaneous DG.

Miscellaneous dangerous goods are substances and articles which during transport present a danger or hazard not covered by other classes. This class encompasses, but is not limited to, environmentally hazardous substances, substances that are transported at elevated temperatures, miscellaneous articles and substances, genetically modified organisms and micro-organisms and (depending on the method of transport) magnetized materials and aviation regulated substances.

These include:

Dry ice / cardice / solid carbon dioxide, Expandable polymeric beads / polystyrene beads, Ammonium nitrate fertilizers, Blue asbestos / crocidolite, Lithium ion batteries, Lithium metal batteries, Battery powered equipment, Battery powered vehicles, Fuel cell engines, Internal combustion engines, Vehicles, Magnetized material, Dangerous goods in apparatus, Dangerous goods in machinery, Genetically modified organisms, Genetically modified micro-organisms, Chemical kits, First aid kits, Life saving appliances, Air bag modules, Seatbelt pretensioners, Plastics moulding compound, Castor bean plant products, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Polychlorinated terphenyls, Dibromodifluoromethane, Benzaldehyde.


Prohibited Goods.

The below can not be shipped under any circumstance:



  • Liquids
  • Small satchels and packages
  • Class 8 or 9 DG without prior approval
  • All other dangerous goods 



Does Neway ship alcohol?

No, alcohol and liquids are not accepted.


Can I ship heavy or bulky freight?

Yes, Neway has unlimited weight restrictions (surcharges apply).


How to activate.

You can make use of Neway as a carrier option through Shippit directly or by bringing your own carrier account (BYO).

Currently, it's not possible to activate Neway from within Shippit. Please speak to your Shippit representative or email if you would like to explore Neway further.

See our full integration guide here.


Pickup & Collection.

Cancel or rebook a pickup.

  • You can cancel any standard orders from within the Shippit app so long as it remains in Booked For Delivery status. Once the order is in transit, it will be charged at full price.
  • To rebook a pickup, please contact Shippit support who will reach out to the carrier for you.
  • You are not charged to rebook a failed pickup unless the order has been futiled by the carrier (the driver has tried to collect and unable to).

Collection times.

Please allow 1 business day for collection.

Contacting Drivers.

Neway does not currently offer direct phone numbers for its drivers. If you need to discuss your collection please contact Shippit support directly.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there an option for authority to leave?

  • ATL can be provided at the time of booking with a specific instruction or with the driver at the time they call you to confirm delivery.
  • Goods will only be left if it's safe to do so and does not risk the driver's safety.

Are redeliveries and redirection (new address) possible?

  • No, redelivery or redirection is not available. If the customer is not home and ATL is not permitted, goods will be returned to the sender at their expense. 

Does Neway have collection points?

No, Neway does not offer delivery to a collection point.


Can I request a return to sender?

Yes, however the sender is liable for the return costs.


Packaging Guidelines.

You'll find our recommended packaging guidelines here.


Is there insurance available?

There is no complimentary insurance when booking with this carrier through Shippit. This means no claims for compensation can be lodged in the event something gets broken or goes missing.

To protect the full retail value of your deliveries during transit, you can enable Shippit Transit Protection.


Are there surcharges?

For an extensive list of all carrier surcharges, click here.










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