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Service Suitability

Aramex is a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions established in 1982.

Aramex Australia (formerly Fastway), currently operates across key metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, offering a low-cost and fast courier delivery service.

Shippit gives you access to Aramex’s standard road service as a cost effective solution for both intra and interstate deliveries.


Carrier Name Fastway.
Service Type Road Standard.
Service Level Standard.
Dead Weight Limit <25 kgs
Cubic Volume Limit

<0.16 m3

Max Length <2.0 m
Pallets No.
Dangerous Goods No.
Liquids Yes.
Food Yes.
Perishable Goods No.
BYO available Yes.


See also Carrier Weight & Size Limitations.


Freight Suitability

Aramex (Fastway) will not transport any type of dangerous goods

Should our account be used to ship dangerous or prohibited goods without prior approval, we may need to suspend or cancel your account.



Prohibited Goods.

The below can not be shipped under any circumstance:

  • All Dangerous Goods
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Fake/dummy/replica/game/toy weapons, paint ball guns, BB guns, antique weapons, swords, knives, etc.
  • Live or dead animals
  • Narcotics
  • Tobacco (certain destinations)
  • Int’l passports (certain destinations)
  • Foodstuffs, plants/seeds (certain destinations)
  • Medicine Drugs, prescription (certain destinations)
  • Hazardous cosmetics and creams
  • All Liquids (also oils included in machine parts, etc.)
  • Batteries (Lithium, consumer batteries, car-boat-machine batteries)
  • Perishable goods
  • Indecent and pornographic materials
  • Items and substances, the possession or use of which is prohibited by law 
  • Money, payment cards, money orders, traveler cheques, etc.
  • Articles of exceptional value: like jewelry, precious metals and stones, diamonds, works of art, antiques, etc.


Limited Goods.

The below can be shipped with prior approval only:

Aramex Australia doesn't accept perishable items for transport within our network. However, if you still want Aramex Australia to carry perishable goods then we can do so, but this will be at your risk – no limited liability coverage is included.


Can I ship alcohol with Aramex?

  • Yes, alcohol is accepted in their network.
  • If the customer is home, the driver will request valid 18+ID and note the name of the customer on their system.
  • If the customer is not home, the goods will be left ATL unless there is strict instruction that it requires a signature on the label.

Does Aramex accept heavy or bulky freight?

  • No, Aramex has weight limits (see above under service suitability).
  • Any under-declared goods will be invoiced by Shippit accounts once the carrier has charged for the corrected weight.


How to activate

When using Shippit, you gain access to the below carrier service/s from within your Shippit settings:

  • Standard road expess

1. Log into your Shippit account and go to Settings


2. Select Carriers


3. Turn ON Aramex (Fastway)


    * Please note: Availability may change based on pick up location.


Can I bring my own carrier account?

If you would prefer to use your own carrier account please email and provide the following information.

Once received, please allow  3 to 4 days for configuration to be completed. Your Shippit configuration specialist will confirm via email once it's ready to go!

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • API Key - The API key provided by Fastway
  • Fastway Account Number - The account number provided to you by Fastway
  • Fastway Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email and contact number

Please take note that we are only integrated with the National Dynamic Label account. If you have a my Fastway account or anything else aside from National Dynamic, you need to contact your account manager at Fastway and have that changed over.


Pickup & Collection

Cancel or rebook a pickup

  • You can cancel any standard orders from within the Shippit app so long as it remains in Booked For Delivery status. Once the order is in transit, it will be charged at full price.
  • To rebook a pickup, please contact Shippit support who will reach out to the carrier for you.
  • You are not charged to rebook a failed pickup unless the order has been futiled by the carrier (the driver has tried to collect and unable to).

Collection times

  • Standard courier drivers operate on run schedules so a specific time cannot be given however collection can happen anywhere up until 6pm usually.
  • Please allow 1 business day for collection. (Note: During peak times, adhoc pickups may take 2-3 business days)

Contacting Drivers

  • Fastway does not currently offer direct phone numbers for their drivers. If you need to discuss your collection please contact Shippit support directly.

High volume collections

  • Regular or daily pickups can be arranged for customers with high shipping volume. Speak with your Shippit Account Manager or Support team.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is freight accurately weighed?

Aramex has an accredited and calibrated Dimension, Weight & Scanning system that measures and weighs parcels that go through our network. When you send freight with Aramex, you will need to know your parcel’s actual weight and its cubic weight, as the delivery rate is calculated on whichever is the greater. If you under-declare the weight and/or dimensions, the system will generate an invoice for the extra charges. To avoid any Underticketing invoices, please ensure you declare the correct weight and dimensions.


Weigh your parcel (consider the cubic weight)

You’ll need to know your parcel’s actual weight and its cubic weight, as the delivery rate is calculated on whichever is greater.

The cubic conversion rate is 250kg per cubic metre: 
H(m) x W(m) x L(m) x 250

1. Convert measurements to metres.
For example, 30 centimetres is .3 metre, 5 centimetres is .05 metre
2. Multiply the height x width x length x cubic conversion (250) to get the cubic weight. Example: (H) 0.8m x (W) 0.5m x (L) 0.15m x 250 = 15kg
3. So, if the actual weight of this parcel was 5kg and the cubic weight was 15kg,
the greater weight of 15kg is used to calculate the label price.

Please note: Maximum length of a parcel is 2m


Is there an option for authority to leave?

  • Yes, authority to leave (ATL) can be provided at the time of booking or during transit unless the package is with the driver. 
  • The receiver can also request ATL online with Fastway once an attempted delivery has been made and a card is left.
  • Ultimately it is up to the driver to deem it safe to leave. If there is nowhere safe to leave the package, it will be returned to the depot for redelivery.
  • The driver may also deliver the package to a nearby Parcel Connect instead.
  • If it's possible for the driver to take a picture for proof of delivery they will do so however, it is not always possible or guaranteed.

NOTE: since March 2020 Aramex has started defaulting all deliveries to contactless (ATL) where safe due to Covid-19. View Fastway's latest ATL policy here.


Does Aramex have collection points?

Are redeliveries and redirection (new address) possible?

  • One redelivery attempt will be made to the original address free of charge.
  • Redelivery after this, or to a new address is charged at $5.50 paid online by the receiver directly.
  • Redelivery and redirection online can only be booked once a delivery attempt has been made.

Does Aramex use third parties for regional deliveries?

Aramex will on forward using a variety of carriers who should follow on with original delivery instruction (i.e ATL).

NOTE: Proof of delivery may take a little longer to upload with third-party deliveries.


Can I request a return to sender?

Yes however limitations apply:

  • RTS is not possible if the package is with a third-party carrier for delivery
  • not possible if already with the driver.
  • requires approval by the carrier

You can contact Shippit support for all return to sender requests or alternatively, the receiver can simply reject the delivery (non-ATL only) and it will be automatically returned to the sender.


Packaging Guidelines

You'll find our recommended packaging guidelines here.


Is there insurance available?

There is complimentary insurance when booking with Fastway through Shippit, their policy details are:

  • includes coverage on the wholesale value of goods only up to $1500AU.
  • does not include shipping, GST, excise, or customer returns & replacements.
  • full terms and conditions can be found here.

To protect the full retail value of your deliveries during transit, you can enable Shippit Transit Protection.


Are there surcharges?

For an extensive list of all carrier surcharges, click here.



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