CouriersPlease Additional Surcharges | Effective 15 September 2022

Due to upcoming annual cost assessments, CouriersPlease has introduced Additional Surcharges effective from 15 September 2022.


What has changed

Additional Surcharges

Effective from 15 September 2022, the following surcharges will be implemented as follows.


Return to Sender Fee

  • $10.00 ex GST per item applies to any consignment that needs to be returned to sender for any reason.
  • Billed post-booking

No Data Fee

  • $5.00 ex GST per consignment for incorrect or inaccurate data that causes manifest to fail. 
  • Please note: to manifest, go to the “Ready to Ship” tab, select the booking(s) you wish to manifest, and press “Book Now” button.
  • Billed post-booking

Reweigh Fee

  • $5.00 ex GST per consignment for underdeclared consignments that require reweighing or remeasuring to reflect the active weight and / or volume.
  • This fee will be charged in addition to each misdeclaration charge also billed post-booking.
  • Billed post-booking

Credit Note Processing Fee

  • $20.00 ex GST per application of credit note where the customer wishes to readjust the declared weight and / or dimensions of their consignment
  • This fee does not apply if CP incorrectly measured / invoiced the charged weight
  • Billed post-booking
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