With Transit Protection there’s no fee to file a claim, just a simple 3-step claims process.


1) Get in touch with our Support team: 

Access our Delivery Support Launcher from the Track tab of the Shippit app (as pictured), or directly from the tracking page of the impacted delivery.

This will allow us to streamline your request by auto-populating your support ticket with information such as your business name, the tracking number and the carrier responsible for the parcel. 



Whilst we ask you to allow a few extra days for goods to be delivered before reporting them missing, we urge you to contact our support team shortly after if you're concerned something might have gone missing.

If you've received damaged goods, please contact us immediately for advice as claim windows do have expiry dates.

Below is the greatest amount of time you have to lodge a claim with Shippit: 


Damaged goods: Lost and missing goods:


Proof the package or item has arrived damaged is necessary, and this should be reported to Shippit or the retailer upon receipt or within 24 hours of delivery.

  • 7 days is the maximum timeframe to report the damage to Shippit in order to submit a claim.



Claims need to be received and submitted within 14 days from the date the carrier takes the package (i.e in transit date).

  • If you suspect something is missing and haven't heard from the carrier within a few days past the ETA, please contact Shippit so we're aware and can lodge a claim immediately pending the carrier's final outcome.



2) Submit your claim and documentation

Once your query has been sent to our Support team they will be back in touch to assist. Our team will work with the delivery carrier to reach a resolution and will require you to prepare the following documentation: 

Tax invoice

✓ Bank details

✓ Lost in transit notification from the carrier (for BYO carrier accounts).

✓ If damaged, pictures of the damaged goods 

✓ If damaged, pictures of the internal and external packaging


3) Await your claim outcome

Once your claim has been submitted our team will aim to notify you of an outcome within 72 business hours. We will also aim to refund successful claims within 7-10 days.


Important Notes:

  • Goods of high value:
    • If goods are over $1500 AUD, further documentation may be required.
  • Do not dispose of damaged goods:
    • You need to keep hold of damaged goods for inspection by a driver or in order to return them to Shippit. Please wait for Shippit to advise. If goods cannot be inspected or full damage evaluated, we will not be able to process your damage claim.
  • BYO carrier accounts:
    • If you integrate your own carrier account into Shippit, you still need to report damage/loss to Shippit within these timeframes whilst waiting on the carrier to finalise their investigation. We can allow a maximum of 30 days for BYO carrier claims to be submitted for review. 
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