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Key tips to help with freight processing times & backlog.
Key tips to help with freight processing times & backlog.
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With the current state of the logistics industry, we fully understand the pressure that all businesses are under at the moment. But, a simple review of your despatching processes can help to ensure your freight is processed as quickly as possible with minimal delays & backlog.

Using these key tips will help minimise the already longer than usual transit times:

Get your freight moving quicker.

Carrier's are asking for a little help right now in order to get your freight on the move quicker. We recommend sorting your freight before dispatch to help it move through it's transit journey easier.

When sorting freight, simply sorting by carrier and then delivery state, can make a huge difference in the processing times as it minimises the need for sortation once at the carrier's depot. Be sure to also hand over the oldest booked freight first to ensure transit times are kept to a minimum.

Have goods ready.

It's essential to have goods ready for when the driver arrives to ensure handover goes smoothy. If the driver needs to wait too long, you may be charged a wait time fee or even have your pickup cancelled with a futile fee to follow.

Choose the right carrier.

If you're shipping bulky freight, make sure it is booked with a carrier that accepts bulky freight & pallets such as TNT, Allied or Bonds. Remember to combine bulk freight on pallets where possible to reduce load time and place anything heavy on a skid for forklifts to safely collect.

If you're new to palletised booking, you'll need our help booking them initially. Contact our Support Team for help with this.

Package & label correctly.

It's crucial to package goods correctly for safe travels during transit & avoid damage which only results in lengthy insurance claims & customer complaints.

It's always better to overpack, than under pack so check out our packaging guidelines here.

When freight is found without a label, the carrier can't identify it for redelivery or return, and it can sit in a 'lost zone' for days or weeks. So make sure your labels are securely attached and easily read to avoid days or weeks worth of delays.

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