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Seko VAT Compliance AU to UK | Effective 7 June 2023
Seko VAT Compliance AU to UK | Effective 7 June 2023
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What has changed?

Our partnered carrier Seko has advised they will require Australian retailers shipping into the UK to register a VAT number effective from 7 June 2023.

As such, for us to continue shipping your customers' orders to UK destinations hassle-free, we request that you provide Shippit with your business' VAT number as soon as you can. Please email [email protected] once you have obtained your VAT.

VAT Requirements

Australian retailers require a VAT number if shipping into the UK as VAT will accrue on all items over the value of GBP0 (£0). You must register for VAT, regardless of taxable turnover if all of the following criteria are met:

  • You're based outside the UK

  • Your business is based outside the UK

  • You supply any goods or services to the UK (or expect to in the next 30 days)

Please visit the UK Government webpage for further details and information on how to register for VAT, if required.

Why it’s changing?

VAT compliance for Australian retailers shipping to the UK has been mandated by the UK government.

On a more personal note, thank you for being our customer and for choosing Shippit to power deliveries to your customers.

If you have further questions on how this will impact your business, please reach out to our support team or alternatively speak with your Shippit Account Manager who will be happy to discuss your greater business needs.

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