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DHL Brexit Updates | Frequently Asked Questions
DHL Brexit Updates | Frequently Asked Questions
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Goods Descriptions

How can I update the description on the Air Waybill for my orders?

Contact our Support Team to allow Shippit to automatically sync an order’s ‘Product Title’ to display under ‘Contents’ on DHL Express Labels & Paperless Trade/Electronic documents.

To help minimise disruptions on bookings with DHL Express to the UK, Shippit can automatically sync an order’s ‘Product Title' to DHL Express, so that this data is displayed under ‘Contents’ on labels and Paperless Trade/Electronic Documents.

For more information, please read this support article.


How do I register for a VAT number for the UK?

Please refer to the GOV.UK website for instructions.

Foreign businesses are required to complete Form VAT 1 for supply of taxable goods and/or services to the UK and Form VAT1A for distance selling into the UK.

Foreign businesses not established in the UK should submit their VAT registration application to:

HMRC Non Established Taxable Persons Unit (NETPU)

HM Revenue & Customs

Ruby House

8 Ruby Place



AB10 1ZP

If a non-established business is using an agent to register on their behalf, then they may register online or with any local VAT Registration Unit.

HS/Harmonised System Code

What is an HS Code and why do I need it? What are the benefits of using HS codes?

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardised system of names and numbers used to classify traded products. HS codes can be determined by a variety of factors including a product's composition, its form and its function.HS codes are used by Customs authorities, statistical agencies, and other government regulatory bodies, to monitor and control the import and export of commodities. Companies use HS codes to calculate the total landed cost of imported products and parts.

If you do not provide HS codes your shipments may be delayed in customs, as it must be classified in order for duties and taxes to be calculated. Readily providing accurate HS codes will ensure your parcel will move promptly through the carrier and customs network.

Are HS codes mandatory/are they looking to be mandatory in the future?

HS codes are not currently mandatory, but they are strongly recommended.

Where do I get an HS code? How can I be sure which HS code is correct for my product?

A number of carriers recommend, or offer tools for HS code lookup/classification. You can also visit:

What is the difference between the HS codes and HTS codes?

HS codes are a universal standard, whereas HTS codes are a regional indicator.

The main difference between HS codes and HTS codes is the number of digits within the code. A code with six digits is a universal standard (HS Code) and a code with 7-10 digits (HTS Code) is often unique after the 6th digit and determined by individual countries of import.


Does Shippit support DDP Incoterms where I can pay for my customer's duties on their behalf?

Yes. Shippit supports setting incoterms on a carrier by carrier basis. Please reach out to our support team to set this up.

Commercial Invoice

Will Shippit pass on the shipping cost and currency to the Commercial Invoice?

Yes. See the example below.


EORI Number

Is there minimum shipping volume to require an EORI number?

An EORI number is an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, required in order to release goods from Customs. You currently only need an EORI number when trading with countries outside the EU.

If you are shipping to Great Britain, you will require one (regardless of volume).

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