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DHL Express | Brexit & Customs Clearance Update for Bookings to the UK
DHL Express | Brexit & Customs Clearance Update for Bookings to the UK
Updated over a week ago

DHL Express is introducing a series of updates in 2021 to address new Customs Clearance requirements in the UK and EU, related to Brexit.

Accurate Goods/Content Description for the UK

To align with the UK’s latest Customs requirements, DHL Express now requires senders to provide an accurate goods/content description for deliveries. This will help Customs identify the goods and conduct security/safety screenings, avoiding potential clearance delays.

Whilst this requirement has only been mandated by the UK, other regions are not strictly affected however this is highly recommended for all international bookings.

Contact our Support Team to allow Shippit to automatically sync an order's ‘Product Title’ to display under ‘Contents’ on DHL Express Labels & Paperless Trade/Electronic documents

To help minimise disruptions to bookings with DHL Express to the UK, Shippit can automatically sync an order’s ‘Product Title' to DHL Express, so that this data is displayed under ‘Contents’ on Labels and Paperless Trade/Electronic Documents. Contact our support team to have this enabled on your account.


Please check that the 'Product Title' field is complete to ensure you're compliant with UK regulations

To ensure your business is compliant with these changes, it’s critical to ensure an order’s ‘Product Title’ field in Shippit is completed, providing sufficient detail on the nature of the goods in plain language. A description should indicate what the goods are, what they are made of and the purposes for which they are used. For examples of what’s acceptable and not acceptable, see guidance from DHL below.

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