Upload Multiple Orders via CSV
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With our Bulk Upload functionality, you can import multiple orders to Shippit at once using a CSV template and just a few clicks.

Before you start, we recommend making sure that your orders are arranged in our recommended CSV template. You can download this in the 'Bulk Import New Orders' section once logged in.

To get started, navigate to your New Orders page and click on Import.


From here, simply select your desired shipping method for all of your orders. If you have only one store with one pickup location, you can then proceed to the next step. Merchants with multiple stores can also select their desired store for order allocation and pickup location.


Next, upload your orders in CSV format. You can download our recommended template to ensure that your upload is successful.


After uploading your file, link your data to the corresponding field in Shippit. Correct mapping is crucial to ensuring that your orders are properly transferred to Shippit and are eligible for booking.


Finally, confirm your orders and complete your import.


Any customer errors (including postcode and suburb), carrier compatibility errors (like PO Box addresses) and other issues will be flagged by our system just like any other orders.

This process will not alter any other settings you are already using with Shippit, including parcel presets, carrier preferences and your shipping method mapping from an integrated shopping cart. Please note that this method limits your upload to one store and one shipping method at a time.

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