Select Your Country of Manufacture
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If you are sending international orders, we’re adding a new way for you to be able to provide country of manufacture information right in the app! This will enable you to take advantage of paperless trade that is offered by carriers.

Since the customs documentation will now be sent electronically, you will need to update your default country of manufacture in Settings > General > Industry Details. All products shipped internationally will default to your selected country of manufacture, which you can override at a product level when confirming your package contents.

Settings > General > Industry Details


At an order level, there are 2 ways to override the primary country of manufacture if required:

  • For orders using the Send tab, it can be updated at a product level in section 4

  • For orders confirmed from the New Orders tab, it can be updated in the Product Details dialog box.


If the More Details button is clicked, the extended Product Details page still has the Country of Manufacture dropdown.


Please note that if you are shipping domestically but that have toggled on 'Show packing confirmation for all orders' in your Pick & Pack settings, the ‘Country of Manufacture’ field will not be displayed on the ‘Confirm Package Contents’ page.

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