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Transit protection for sent orders
Lodging your Transit Protection claim
Lodging your Transit Protection claim
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We've made lodging a claim for Shippit Transit Protection as simple as possible and provided some tips below to ensure your claim has all the required information up front minimising processing timeframes.

1) Get in touch with our Support team:

If you're a Shippit client you can access our Delivery Support Launcher from the Track tab of the Shippit app (as pictured below) and raise a ticket for a damaged parcel.

If you've received a delivery that has arrived damaged, you can raise a ticket directly from the tracking email received from Shippit.


Claim timeframes

Whilst we ask you to allow a few extra days for goods to be delivered before reporting them missing, we urge you to contact our support team shortly after if you're concerned something might have gone missing.

If you've received damaged goods, please contact us immediately as you have limited time to lodge a claim.

Below is the greatest amount of time you have to lodge a claim with Shippit:

Important note for BYO carrier accounts

If you integrate your own carrier account into Shippit, you still need to report damage/loss to Shippit within these timeframes whilst waiting on the carrier to finalise their investigation.

We can allow a maximum of 30 days for BYO carrier claims to be submitted for review.

2) Submit your claim and required documentation

Once your ticket has been lodged with outr support team, we will work with the delivery carrier and/or insurance provided to submit your claim.

I've received damaged goods

If you've received a damaged parcel, Shippit will contact the sender to advise of the damage and they will work out the resolution with you directly as the consumer. Please keep hold of the damaged goods where possible and take pictures of the packaging inside and out.

Your customer has received damaged goods

If you are a Shippit client and need to lodge a claim for compensation of goods you've sold, below is whats required to lodge a Transit Protection claim.

Lost in transit

✓ Tax invoice

✓ Valid bank details (including your bsb, account number, and swift code)

✓ Lost in transit notification from the carrier (if you integrate your own account into Shippit)

✓ Otherwise our support team will receive this from the carrier once the parcel has been deemed lost in transit

✓ Goods over $1500AU will require further documentation


✓ Tax invoice

✓ Valid bank details (including your bsb, account number, and swift code)

✓ Pictures of the damage caused to the goods

✓ Pictures of the internal packaging to clearly show how goods are packaged inside

✓ Pictures of the external packaging to clearly show how goods are packaged

✓ Goods over $1500AU will require further documentation

Tips to a quick claim process

  • You'll need to obtain pictures of the damaged goods and packaging as it's required for all damage claims

  • Ensure the receiver keeps hold of the damaged goods as the carrier may return to collect the goods, or a repair may be offered instead

  • Your claimed product should match the item description on the tax invoice (eligible example below)

    • Product Name:

    • Tax invoice item description:

  • When claiming damage

    • Full image of the item (ensure the damaged part is highlighted) to confirm the claim is filed for the correct item

    • Photo of the damaged part

    • Minimum two different images

  • Provide a valid tax invoice that includes:

    • Name of the store

    • Valid date of purchase (re-printed invoices will not be accepted)

    • Payment details (the amount should be paid fully)

    • The partially paid item’s claim request will be rejected

    • Invoice no. should be shown

    • Product details (name, quantity, price)

Valid invoice example below

3) Await your claim outcome

Once your claim has been submitted our team will aim to notify you of an outcome within 72 business hours.

Successful claims will result in a refund within 7-10 days.

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