Cash On Delivery (COD)
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If your business is using Shopify and operating in either Singapore or Malaysia, then this is the perfect feature to help increase your revenue!

Cash on delivery (COD) orders using Shippit's accounts with Aramex and Ninjavan can be utilised both domestically and internationally.


How to enable

1. Select Singapore or Malaysia in the sign-up form here then integrate your Shopify cart via Settings > Integrations


2. Open your Shopify account to ensure your shopping cart's option for COD is mapped to a COD compatible carrier option in Shippit and the Auto-sync event is set to 'When an order is created'.

NOTE: For COD methods, it is still recommended to map these to Standard or Express as Shippit's allocation algorithm will automatically allocate a COD compatible courier.


3. To get shipping, email [email protected] to set up a payment method


Viewing COD orders

When 'Confirm quote' is selected for an order, you'll be able to view the COD amount.


If the COD amount needs to be modified, enable the setting 'Show packing confirmation for all orders' by navigating to Settings > Pick & Pack


Below you can view the COD amount and package contents. The quantity and price of the products can be updated here and the amount updates accordingly.

'Qty (pcs)' shows the original quantity and cannot be edited. To adjust the quantity (higher or lower) you should use the ‘Packed’ field. Alternatively, the total COD amount can be edited directly (but not the currency).

NOTE: Shippit doesn’t store all line items impacting the final COD amount, so the package contents might not necessarily sum up to the total COD amount.


Once the quote is confirmed, the COD order can be identified in the Ready to Ship and Track screens by the blue hand icon.




What is cash on delivery?

COD is the sale of goods online where payment is made on delivery rather than in advance. If the goods are not paid for, they are returned to the retailer.

Where is cash on delivery supported?

Shippit supports COD for merchants in Singapore and Malaysia shipping with Aramex and Ninjavan shipping to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

How will I be paid for cash on delivery transactions?

A COD invoice will be issued by Shippit after the money is received by the carrier. The payment will be remitted to your provided bank account details after Shippit receives the money from the carrier.

I received an error when syncing my order to Shippit

Error messages may appear if:

  • COD is not supported in that location (note that Aramex and Ninjavan have some suburbs/postcodes in remote areas that do not support COD)

  • The COD amount exceeds the maximum allowed

  • The COD amount is in a currency that is not supported

Can I enable authority to leave?

COD orders cannot also have authority to leave (ATL). If both ATL and COD is specified in an Order API request, ATL is ignored and the order is assumed to be a COD order.

Can I create manual cash on delivery orders in Shippit?

COD orders cannot be created via 'Add order' or 'Send a package' in Shippit. Orders can only be synced across from your Shopify store or directly via the order API.

What is the maximum amount I can ship using cash on delivery?



Maximum Amount

















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