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Rule to Allocate a Courier for Heavy Products
Rule to Allocate a Courier for Heavy Products
Updated over a week ago

If you ship a combination of smaller and bulky/heavy products, you can create rules to allocate a certain courier to orders with bulky or heavy products.


In this example, we'll create a rule to ensure Allied Express is allocated to orders with a deadweight greater than 25 kg.

Step 1

Switch on Allied Express in your Settings.


Step 2

Select 'Cheapest' in your Allocation Settings.


Step 3

Create a new rule and add a condition for when the dead weight is greater than 25kg.

Add the action, do not allocate and select all couriers except Allied Express.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 4.40.28 pm.png

Step 4

Click on save and enable the rule. Make sure you enable the rule so that new orders will have the rule applied.

Screen-Recording-2023-10-30-at-4 (2).gif

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