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Integrating Your Own Capital Transport Account (BYO)
Integrating Your Own Capital Transport Account (BYO)
Updated over a week ago

Currently, we only offer a BYO integration with Capital Transport through Shippit.

The Shippit Capital Transport (CT) integration lets you ship big and bulky products using Capital Transport's intrastate courier service which offers local point-to-point or same-state delivery.

With an eligible Shippit subscription, you have the ability to bring your own Capital Transport rates to Shippit.

Which services can be integrated?

We can currently integrate the following CT services into Shippit:


Integration Support

CT Courier (Intrastate)

✔️ Supported

CT Truck/Taxi

Not Supported

CT Interstate services

Not Supported

CT Logistics

Not Supported

As part of the CT Courier service, the following service levels are supported:

Service Level

Delivery Time

Integration Support


4 hours

✔️ Supported


2.5 hours

Not Supported


Next available

Not Supported

What's needed to integrate my own account?

Connect your pre-negotiated rates with Capital Transport to seamlessly quote, book, and track your orders on our platform.

If you have your own account with CT and are ready to start using this carrier with Shippit, please reach out to our Support team via [email protected] to start the onboarding process. Make sure to include the following information:

  • Merchant Name - The name of your account

  • Account Number - The account number

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for the configuration to be completed. Once you have been advised that your CT account has been successfully implemented, you should see your orders available to switch to Capital Transport on the New Orders page.

Note: This carrier will not be displayed as part of your list of carriers in your store settings. We plan to introduce this in a future update.

How does quoting work?

To help you optimise shipping costs, we will automatically return the most cost-effective quote out of the available services and vehicle types from your Capital Transport account.

Depending on location, CT has certain days for pickups. It is important to understand which days your location is assigned pickup times and ensure that orders with CT are booked the day prior to pickup.

Which vehicle types are supported?

The following vehicle types are supported:

CT Vehicle Type

Suitable for


1m Poster Tube Lengths and Loose Items or Cartons
50x50x50cm (combined items)
25kg total weight

Station Wagon

1m Poster Tube Lengths and Loose Items or Cartons
50x50x50cm (each item)
25kg individual max item weight
125kg total weight

Station Wagon Roof Racks

1m Poster Tube Lengths and Loose Items or Cartons
On Racks: 650x50x50cm
In Tray: 50x50x50cm (each item)
25kg individual max item weight
125kg total weight

Half Tonne

1 Pallet, Cartons and Loose Items
120x150x150cm (1m High for Van)
500kg total weight

1 Tonne

2 Pallets, Cartons and Loose Items
240x150x200cm (1m High for Van)
1000kg total weight

1 Tonne Roof Racks

Pallets, Cartons, Lengths and Loose Items
On Racks: 650x50x50cm - 200kg limit
In Tray: 240x150x200cm
1000kg total weight inc. Racks

How do delivery estimates work?

The delivery ETA provided when quoting is based on pick up and delivery within a 20km radius, however, this is an estimate only.

Outside of this radius, delivery times can not be guaranteed so they may not match the delivery ETA provided on Shippit.

Will there be any additional surcharges?

Yes. Some deliveries that require additional services like special vehicle needs or crane requirements are not supported via the Shippit integration.

If you require any of these services, after creating the order, you will need to call Capital Transport directly on 13 14 80 to advise what assistance is required.

Capital Transport will invoice you directly for the additional charges.

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