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🌏 Ship 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery
🌏 Ship 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery
Updated over a week ago

Shippit's discounted shipping services are now 100% carbon neutral, at no extra cost.

To support a sustainable future, Shippit has partnered with internationally recognised carbon solutions provider, Carbon Neutral Group, to reduce our climate impact to zero. To do this, we offset all carbon emissions from deliveries booked on Shippit’s discounted shipping services. See how it works.

🌟Display the Badge

If you're using Shippit's account, let your customers know your deliveries are 100% Carbon Neutral by adding the badge to your online store. Available in green, black and white, download them here.

✉️ Tracking & Notifications Updates

For deliveries booked on Shippit's discounted services, a banner will show on the track page so your customers know you're shipping a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery.

How do I offset the carbon on deliveries?

Currently, only deliveries completed on Shippit’s account are 100% carbon neutral. Deliveries booked on Shippit’s account that are connected to Shippit are not offset and thus, not carbon neutral. To ensure your business and BYO deliveries are carbon neutral, please get in touch with our carbon solutions provider. Stay tuned. In the near feature, the ability to offset deliveries made on your own BYO account will be available on the Shippit platform.

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