Package allocation settings

Manage your default package settings, to make pick and pack faster, easier, and less error-prone

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Getting your standard packaging sizes right makes package allocation easy, makes sure you get the right quote for your packaged goods, and means the right information is getting to the carrier.

The settings screen, showing the package allocation settings

Set up package presets

Set up your most commonly used package sizes as package presets, to make things easier when you create a new order. The package presets you set here become the available options for creating an order, meaning all you have to do is accept the default, or select a more appropriate package size.

Setting up package presets

  1. Log in to your Shippit account.

  2. Open the drop down menu in the top right of your screen, and click Settings.

  3. Navigate to the Packaging allocation section.

  4. In the Package presets section, the most common satchel sizes, weights, and dimensions are already included for you. Toggle off any satchel size that do you not use. This means that the satchel size is not available for selection when you create a new order in Shippit.

  5. Optional: Click Add preset to add any additional standard package sizes that you require. Name the new package preset, and provide the dimensions. Click Save and enable to add the new preset.

  6. In the Auto-set Default Package Preset section, select a default package size. This is the package size that is used by default for new orders, or if an order does not have dimensions allocated to it.

Additional package allocation settings

The additional settings in the package allocation settings allow you to further customise how your package allocation works.

Show a summary of the order before you confirm it

Toggle this setting on to see a summary of each order before you confirm it. If you leave this setting off, orders can be confirmed immediately.

Allocate each item in an order to its own individual package

Toggle this setting on to seperate orders with multiple items into multiple packages. If you leave this setting off, orders with multiple items are combined into a single package.

Consider all dimensions and weight during package allocation

Toggle this setting on to change how your package size is determined. If you ship large and light, or small and heavy packages, this setting takes into account the dimensions of the package in addition to the weight. If you leave this setting off, only weight is considered.

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