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Setting up my account
Set up your Shippit account
Set up your Shippit account

A complete walkthrough to get your Shippit account set up, so you can ship your first order

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Welcome to Shippit! This article walks you through all the steps you need to do to get your Shippit account set up and ready for your first order. There are five main steps that you need to go through:

  1. Confirm your dispatch location. This is where you intend to ship your orders from.

  2. Configure your carriers. The power of Shippit is in choosing the right carrier for the right order at the right time. By getting your carrier mix right, you are set up for success.

  3. Integrate your system. If you use an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, then you need to get it talking to Shippit.

  4. Set up your standard packaging sizes. This makes it much easier for you to select the right packaging for each order.

  5. Connect your label printer. Get ready to start printing shipping labels, and getting those orders out the door.

How Shippit Works

Confirm your dispatch location

Enter your pickup address and contact details for courier collections. These details are important as they are printed on labels and embedded in your digital manifest which is sent to your drivers for collection.

Confirming your dispatch location

  1. Log in to your Shippit account.

  2. Open the drop down menu in the top right of your screen, and click Settings to open your profile.

  3. In the Basic information section, provide your store and contact details.

  4. In the Pick-up location section, check these fields:

    • In the Location type field, make sure you have chosen the correct type. This can dramatically change how much carriers charge you.

    • In the Contact name field, type the name of the person a driver should contact to resolve issues with deliveries.

    • In the Contact email field, type an email address for the contact person.

    • In the Pickup instructions field, type any additional information that can help the driver find you, and the goods you need to have picked up.

  5. In the Pick-up location and opening hours section, complete the fields so that carriers know when they can pick up your orders.

  6. Click Save to save your changes.

  7. Optional: If you are planning on shipping internationally, navigate to International Shipping and add your customs details as well.

⚠️ Important: Carriers have different cut off times for pickups. Check the specific times for your preferred carriers using our Know your carrier articles.

Configure your carriers

You can choose to use Shippit carriers, or if you have existing agreements with your own carriers, you can use them, or any combination. You can configure a single carrier or multiple, or try our plain label feature your own fleet. For a detailed look at the carriers available on the Shippit platform, see our Carrier matrix overview.

Configure Shippit Carriers:

Configure your own carriers:

Integrate your system

If you use an e-commerce, IMS, WMS, ERP, or a marketplace, you can integrate it with Shippit.

Configure e-commerce and marketplaces:

If you are building your own custom integration into the Shippit APIs, see our Developer Portal, and custom API integration articles.

Set up your standard packaging sizes

Getting your standard packaging sizes right makes package allocation easy, makes sure you get the right quote for your packaged goods, and means the right information is getting to the carrier.

Setting up standard package sizes

  1. Log in to your Shippit account.

  2. Open the drop down menu in the top right of your screen, and click Settings.

  3. Navigate to the Packaging allocation section.

  4. In the Package presets section, the most common satchel sizes, weights, and dimensions are already included for you. Toggle off any satchel size that do you not use. This means that the satchel size is not available for selection when you create a new order in Shippit.

  5. Optional: Click Add preset to add any additional standard package sizes that you require. Name the new package preset, and provide the dimensions. Click Save and enable to add the new preset.

  6. Navigate to the Label and scan section. In the Labels section, choose the address to use on your shipping labels, packing slips, and invoices.

  7. In the Label view field, select what type of label format you want to use. For more information about the various label views, see our Label views article. Click Save to save your changes.

πŸ’‘Note: If you use a scanner in your fulfilment process, you can also change scanner settings in the Label and scan section. For more information, see the Scan to search and print article.

Connect your label printer

Connect your label printers to streamline your workflow and print shipping labels in just one click, directly from Shippit. For instructions on getting your label printer set up, see our Instant print for shipping labels article.

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