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To speed up your pick and pack process, you can configure the label view in your settings.

  1. Login to Shippit

  2. Navigate to Settings > Pick & Pack

  3. Under Label Settings section, select the Label View that suits your needs. The updated label view will take effect for any newly created orders going forward. Orders created before the update will continue to use the previous label view.


For users that login to Shippit to process orders, the selected label view will be the format used whenever you generate and/or print a shipping label.

For users integrated with Shippit’s APIs, the label API will return the selected label view.

If you encounter any issues when choosing your Label View, please contact [email protected].

Definition of Options



Label only - only the shipping label/s are printed/downloaded


Label and portrait packslip - the label/s and associated Shippit packslips are contained within the same file. The packslip is portrait orientation.


Label and landscape packslip - the label/s and associated Shippit packslips are contained within the same file. The packslip is landscape orientation.


A4 Integrated label and packslip - a special option where the packslip has the 6” x 4” shipping label at the bottom, to be printed on a particular stock type where the label is directly printed onto a sticker. See the recommended stock here.


A4 Label, landscape packslip and return slip - similar to option 3, with the addition of a return slip. The return slip can be packed within the outbound order and the customer can manually fill out the return slip and pack with a return parcel.

The return reasons and exchange code you would like the customer to select from are printed on the return slip and is configurable.

For an alternative return solution, check out our returns portal.


Closer view of what the return slip looks like:


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change the label view per order?

No, the label view selector is at the Store Settings page. This means that the selected label view for a store will apply to all orders created or synced to the said store.

  • I am enterprise merchant and would like to change the label view for all my stores?

Please reach out to your account manager for the Store Settings update to be deployed in a single bulk action.

  • Can I print four (4) A6 labels in an A4 bond paper through an A4 printer?

No, this is currently not one of the label view options. If you do not have a label printer but have an A4 printer available, we suggest using the A4 Integrated Label and Packslip Label View.

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