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Scan to print

Use a handheld scanner to confirm orders and print labels

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You can use a handheld scanner to confirm an order and print the shipping label. This can save you time by confirming the order and printing the label in a single action. It can also help prevent mistakes manually typing in order numbers. Use your scanner to scan the barcode on an external packing slip or customer invoice, and Shippit confirms the order, prints the label, and moves the order from the New Orders screen to the Ready to Ship screen.

Use scan to print

Before you start, make sure you have purchased a handheld scanner, and installed Instant Print.

For more information about handheld scanners, see the Set up a handheld scanner article.

For more information about Instant Print, see the Instant Print for shipping labels article.

Scanning to print

  1. Connect your barcode scanner

  2. Log in to your Shippit account, and navigate to the New Orders screen.

  3. Scan a barcode associated with a Shippit order number.

  4. If the scan is successful, the order is confirmed, the shipping label is sent to your default label printer, and the order moves to the Ready to Ship screen.


This section contains information about some common issues you might encounter with your Shopify integration. If you can't find an answer to your question here, contact Shippit support for assistance.

I have two or more orders with the same order number

If you have duplicate orders in Shippit, when you scan the barcode, the most recent order is confirmed and labelled.

My printer wasn't connected when I scanned

If you scan the barcode for an order, but your printer is not connected, the order is confirmed and it moves to the Ready to Ship screen, but the label is not be printed, and the order is not marked as labelled. The order is only marked as labelled when you have printed the label successfully.

My scan was unsuccessful

If the scan is not successful, the order is not confirmed or printed.

I need to make changes to an order after scanning

If you scan an order and need to make changes, you can cancel the label from the Ready to Ship screen. This sends the order back to the New Orders screen, where you can make changes.

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