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Use a handheld scanner to search for your orders across Shippit

Updated over a week ago

You can use a handheld barcode scanner to search for an order from any screen in Shippit. This can save you time manually typing in order numbers, and also prevent mistakes. Use your scanner to scan the barcode on a packing slip or customer invoice, and Shippit shows you the corresponding order.

A portion of a Shippit packing slip, showing the order number and barcode

Use scan to search

Before you start, make sure you have purchased a handheld scanner. For more information about handheld scanners, see the Set up a handheld scanner article

Scanning to search on the New Orders page

  1. Connect your barcode scanner

  2. Log in to your Shippit account, and navigate to the Send screen.

  3. Scan a barcode associated with a Shippit order number (it normally starts with PP). The orders table filters based on the result of the scan. If the order number you scanned is a priority order, the order details are shown so you can make any changes before you book the order.

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