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Carrier Overview Matrix (ANZ)
Carrier Overview Matrix (ANZ)

What services Carriers offer across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia

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Shippit partners with over 50 carriers worldwide across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia incorporating over 100 different services into our platform for our customers to utilise.

With all these different products, it can be difficult to know what's best so we've made it a little easier with this Carrier Overview Matrix below. You'll also find our Carrier Surcharge Matrix a handy tool to utilise as well.

❗Navigate to the bottom of this article to download a larger PDF version or click on the image below to enlarge in a new browser window.

How to get started

Check out our Know Your Carrier section to understand which carrier is best for you.

If your an existing Shippit customer then some carriers are readily available to toggle ON in your Shippit Carrier Settings, otherwise simply reach out to your Shippit Account Manager for assistance on other carrier options.

If your new to Shippit then our team is ready to chat to you about the most suitable options for your business needs! Get in touch today!

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