Seko NZ Biosecurity and Custom Fees Increase | Effective 1 July 2023

What has changed?

Our partnered carrier Seko has advised they will be increasing the price of their New Zealand Biosecurity System Entry Levy, Custom Processing fees and hourly NZ Biosecurity Fees effective from 1 July 2023.


Surcharge Increase

Effective 1 July 2023, increases will be applied to the following fees:

  • NZ Biosecurity System Entry levy (part of the NZ Customs Processing Fee) on imported entries for goods over $1000 NZD will increase to $46 NZD ex GST.
  • NZ Custom Processing fee, which is a combination of NZ Customs and MPI Levy Cost collected by NZ customs, will increase to $75.12 NZD ex GST. Applicable to imported goods over $1000 NZD in value.
  • NZ Biosecurity Fees hourly rate will increase to $155.50 NZD ex GST per hour.

Who is affected?

Any merchant shipping goods into NZ with a combined value of over $1000 NZD.


Why it’s changing?

Price increases reflect and contribute to:

  • Changes in NZ Biosecurity and Custom fees as dictated by the NZ Government


If you have further questions on how this will impact your business, please reach out to our support team or alternatively speak with your Shippit Account Manager who will be happy to discuss your greater business needs.

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