Shippit can integrate to Neto in less than 5 minutes! You only need to grant access to relevant order details and then update some settings before you start shipping.

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You may also review this full detail guide divided into the following sections:
  1. Integration Process
  2. Configuration Options
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Integration Process

API.png Obtain your API Key in Neto

The first step to integrate Shippit to Neto involves obtaining your API Key.
  1. Login to your Neto merchant account
  2. On the left navigation pane, click Setup & Tools > All Settings & Tools
  3. On the extended option, click Developer Tools > API Settings
  4. Copy the API Key. If other integrations rely on the API Key, please do not click on the regenerate button.
  5. Copy the Neto Store Domain without including the "http" or anything after the ""


Shippit_icon.png Enter your Neto Details to Shippit

The second and last step of integration requires that you enter in Shippit the API details you copied from Neto.
  1. Log into your Shippit store
  2. On the downward arrow at the upper right of the screen, click Settings > Integrations
  3. Click on the Neto logo
  4. Enter your Neto Store Domain and API Key
  5. Click Update

Neto_Icon.png Enter your Shippit Webhook URL to Neto

Now you need to return to Neto to plug in your Webhook URL form Shippit.
  1. In Shippit > Settings > Integrations, copy Webhook URL displayed under the Neto Integration Settings window
  2. Go back to Neto > Setup & Tools > All Setup & Tools > Developer Tools > API Settings
  3. Paste the Webhook URL from Shippit to the Neto API Webhook URL
  4. Tick the checkbox for Neto API Webhook
  5. Click Save Changes

Configuration Options

All your configuration options may be accessed in Shippit by going to Settings > Integrations.

Order_Sync_2.png Orders Sync

The Order Sync tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders from Neto to Shippit through the following options:
  • Auto-sync New Orders - set to No by default, this setting determines whether your orders will be pulled across into Shippit automatically or not
  • Import Orders with Status - orders within Neto have set stages ranging from New, Pick, Pack; this setting allows the order to be auto-synced based on the stage you identify
  • Update Order Export Status - set to No by default, this setting determines whether your orders will be marked as Exported once sent to Shippit

Mapping.png  Shipping Method Mapping

The Shipping Method Mapping function allows you to match your Neto shipping methods to a specific service or service class in Shippit.
If you offer Free Shipping, you can minimise your shipping cost by identifying the specific service or service class that you would like the order to be transacted through.
Lastly, there is an option to map to Click & Collect. This allows you to generate a label for an order and as soon as the label is downloaded, the order is moved from the New Orders tab to the Track tab.

Upload.png Manually Import Orders

You can manually import orders to Shippit through our integration middleware, Shippit Connect.
Once logged into Shippit, go to Settings > Integrations and click Launch Connect. Here you can:
  • Manually import in bulk the orders awaiting fulfillment by going to Orders > Click Import Orders
  • Manually import orders in bulk by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import Orders > Choose Since X Days Ago and select the days past from when you would like to import orders
  • Manually import an individual order by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import Orders > Choose By Order Number and enter the Neto order reference number
Once you click Import Order, will see a green Processing bar appear at the top of the page informing you of how many orders are being processed for import.
Alternately, you can also use this middleware to:
  • Update integration settings
  • View order sync history - see which orders were successfully sent to Shippit including any that failed
  • View fulfillment sync history - see which shipment status were successfully sent to Shippit including any that failed

Fulfillment.png Fulfillments Sync

The Fulfillments Sync tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders' shipment status from Shippit to Neto. With this setting enabled, Shippit will update Neto with all tracking information of the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I delete or modify an order in Shippit, will it delete/update in Neto?
  • Why am I not receiving tracking updates for the orders I have booked through Shippit?
Check your Shippit Webhook URL in Shippit. If empty, re-register your Webhook by disabling Fulfilment Sync and then re-enabling.
  • Why didn’t my order sync to Shippit?
This could be due to:
  1. Incorrect content and/or format of customer and delivery information
  2. Insufficient carrier services activated in Shippit > Settings > Carriers
  • Why have only some of my products synced across to Shippit?
Currently, Shippit pulls on the committed stock quantities. Hence, if an order does not have committed stock or is partially committed, those quantities will not be pulled across.
  • If order status is modified in Neto before order is confirmed in Shippit, does Shippit display any indication of that change?

Once an order syncs into Shippit, the order details are static. Even when an order is not yet confirmed, the details do not update as Neto updates. If order details update in Neto after the order has synced then you need to delete and resync/import the order.

Also, remember that you may can Modify orders in Shippit in the New Orders tab. If the update is for an information editable in the order form or through the package type dropdown, clicking on Modify maybe easier than having to delete and resync every time.

  • If the order status is modified in Neto after order is confirmed in Shippit, does Shippit display any indication of that update?

The connection between Shippit and Neto for Order Sync is a single event. That means that Shippit does attempt to get any new/additional/modified information from Neto about the same order again and again (multiple events). This also means that the order cannot notify within Shippit if it has been updated.

Though we call them the same, think of your orders in Shippit as shipping orders and your orders in Neto as sales orders. If a Neto user updates order information in Neto, a proactive step must be taken to reflect the change in Shippit.

  • If the order status is modified in Neto after order is confirmed in Shippit, I assume that order would need to be deleted from Shippit and would be then reimported automatically once it is back on Pack status in Neto?

The expectation is that orders reaching the Pack status in Neto gets synced into Shippit. This is true for all new orders reaching the Pack status. For orders though that has previously synced, the auto sync can be a bit tricky upon especially when an order is reaching this status multiple times. If the update is for an information editable in the order form or through the package type dropdown, remember that you may cancel the order from the Deliveries Awaiting Booking section so that it returns to the New Orders tab where you can click on Modify. This may be easier than having to delete and resync every time.

  • If an order is in the 'Deliveries Awaiting Booking' section in Shippit, what is its status in Neto? Will order status change to pending dispatch for freight?

There is no status change for Confirmed orders that reach the Deliveries Awaiting Booking section. The status only updates to dispatched when an order is Booked.

  • Will order status change to pending pickup for Click & Collect orders?

Click & Collect orders bypass the Ready to Ship tab altogether and head straight to the Track tab after a Label is downloaded.

  • If an order is dispatched from Neto will it be removed from Shippit?

Any order that reaches that the Pack status in Neto syncs into Shippit. If that order is dispatched from Neto, the synced version remains in Shippit unless modified/deleted.

If there's a specific shipping method used by orders you plan to dispatch in Neto only, you can map this in Shippit to a courier service you know you will never use. When these orders sync into Shippit, it will be assigned to this sort of placeholder courier service and you can just filter your list by Carrier and delete in bulk all orders that has been assigned it.

  • How do we clear & confirm that all orders are cleared from the production environment prior to go live?

From the New Orders tab, identify a year's worth of date range in the Date Filter. Delete in bulk all the orders that appear there. Do the same for the Deliveries Awaiting Booking section if anything shows up there at all.

  • How can I pass the courier tracking number to Amazon, rather than Shippit's tracking number? 

What’s changed?

By default, Shippit provides our own tracking numbers so that you can take advantage of our post-purchase experiences such as branded tracking and intuitive delivery notifications. Unfortunately, these tracking numbers are not always recognised by marketplaces such as Amazon.

To ensure your customers can track their parcels no matter where they buy your products, our Neto integration can be configured to pass on the native courier tracking number. This ensures your Amazon marketplace customers can successfully track their parcels.

If you would like to update the tracking ID to reflect native courier tracking details, simply get in touch with our friendly platform support team at to have this configuration option enabled.



Neto Tips

  • Depending on the order status filter, you can revert the order to its previous status, and then progress it forward again to retrigger the order to be sent to Shippit.
  • Authority to leave is denoted by unchecking the Signature Required? checkbox on the sales order.
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