eBay Integration
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Shippit can integrate to eBay in less than 5 minutes! You only need to grant access to relevant order details in your eBay store and then update some settings before you start shipping.

Need assistance in implementing your integration? Connect with your account manager, sales contact, or visit our website to avail professional services today!

You may also review this full detail guide divided into the following sections:

  1. Integration Process

  2. Configuration Options

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Integration Process

Connect Through Shippit Integrations

  1. Login to your Shippit store

  2. On the top right of your screen, click on the downward arrow

  3. Choose Settings on the extended options

  4. On the sidebar menu on the left, select Integrations

  5. On your right, scroll down and click on eBay

  6. Click on Connect My eBay Store

  7. Log in using your eBay credentials

  8. Click on Agree if you accept the terms & conditions

CHECK your integration by ensuring you now have a Webhook URL. If you do not see the Webhook URL field populated, email us right away at [email protected]


Configuration Options

All your configuration options may be accessed in Shippit by going to Settings > Integrations.

Order Sync


The Orders tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders from eBay to Shippit through the following options:

  • Auto-Sync New Orders - set to Yes by default; this option ensures orders in the status Processing are automatically pulled across into Shippit from eBay

  • Default Email - this will be used for orders that do not contain a customer’s email address

  • Sync Delivery Instructions - allows you to decide whether you'd like the order notes/special instructions field in eBay to be pulled across into Shippit as Delivery Instructions

Shipping Method Mapping


The Shipping Method Mapping function allows you to match your eBay shipping methods to a specific service or service class in Shippit.


Notice that there is an option to map to the Shippit service type Click & Collect. This is for customers who prefer to pick-up orders from the store. You can generate a label for orders mapped to this shipping method and as soon as the label is downloaded from the New Orders tab, the order moves straight to the Track tab.

Lastly, there will be plenty of eBay Shipping Methods appearing on the dropdown. You only need to map the options that you actually use.

Manual Order Import


You can manually import orders to Shippit through our integration middleware, Shippit Connect.

Once logged into Shippit, go to Settings > Integrations and click Launch Connect. Here you can:

  • Manually import in bulk the orders awaiting fulfillment by going to Orders > Click Import Orders

  • Manually import an individual order by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import Orders > Choose By Order Number and enter the eBay order reference number

  • Manually import orders in bulk by going to Orders> Click the downward arrow next to Import Orders > Choose By Created Date and select the date and time from when you would like to import orders

The limit for the time range is until 60 day past and only unfulfilled orders will be imported. You may also tick on Re-import previously imported orders.

Once you click Import Order, will see a green Processing bar appear at the top of the page informing you of how many orders are being processed for import.

Alternately, you can also use this middleware to:

  • Update integration settings

  • View order sync history - see which orders were successfully sent to Shippit including any that failed

  • View fulfillment sync history - see which shipment status were successfully sent to Shippit including any that failed

Fulfillments Sync


The Fulfillments tab allows you to configure how you would like to synchronise your orders' shipment status from Shippit to eBay. With this setting enabled, Shippit will update your shopping cart with all tracking information of the order.


TEST your configuration by creating a dummy order in BigCommerce based on the different order sync criteria you have identified here. If you encounter any challenges, email us right away at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why didn’t my order sync to Shippit?

Try to do the following:

  1. Check is the recipient and delivery details are complete and correct

  2. Confirm you have the necessary carriers activated in Shippit

  3. Check if your account is current and the payment successful

  • Why am I not receiving tracking updates for the orders I booked through Shippit?

Try to do the following:

  1. Check if Fulfill Orders is enabled in Shippit > Settings > Integrations > Fulfillments

  2. Check if the Webhook URL field in Shippit > Settings > Integration is populated. If it is empty, re-register your Webhook URL by setting Fulfill Orders to No and then Yes again

  • What information is sent back from Shippit when an order is fulfilled?

  1. The order is marked as Posted

  2. The date it was posted

  3. The Shippit tracking number

  4. The carrier is updated to “Shippit”

  • What is my order sales reference number?

The order sales reference number is a concatenation of the eBay Item ID and the Transaction ID (located in the URL of the sales record) in the following format: Item ID-Transaction ID.

  • Where are the dimensions pulled from?

Dimensions are pulled from the Package weight & dimensions field, not the Item Specifics field.

eBay Tips

  • eBay imposes a 90-day limit for orders that are manually imported by created date/

  • Shipping method mappings are pulled from the API in real-time.

  • If you are having trouble accessing Selling Manager Pro (free with a Premium/Anchor Store subscription), try editing a listing and then cancelling the edit.

  • You can locate the tracking number in the Sold View of Selling Manager (Pro) and the Sale status & notes of the sales record.

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