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Rules Applied to Multiple Stores
Rules Applied to Multiple Stores
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With the Rules Engine, you can create Company Rules that apply to multiple stores. Note that Company Rules are only available if your user have access to the Head Office view. To learn more about Company Rules, click here.


Say you want to prevent allocation to any eParcel courier if an order exceeds a deadweight of 25kg.

Step 1

In Settings, go to the Company rules section.

Step 2

Create a new rule and set this rule at a company level.

Step 4

Select all the stores in the company to target this rule.

Step 5

Build a rule so that orders with a parcel deadweight greater than 25kg does not allocate to any eParcel couriers.

Step 6

Click on Save and enable the rule.

Step 7

Make sure you enable the rule so that new orders get processed under the rule. Turn the new rule from OFF to ON state so it executes on new and updated orders.

What the head office user have access too (able to view & edit company rules)


What the store user will see able to view only (able to view company rules but not edit)


What happens next:

  • For new or updated orders in all stores with a parcel deadweight over 25kg: Carriers other than eParcel that are enabled on the store will be allocated.

  • Head office user: Should be able to view the company rule as well as edit it later within Company Rules

  • Store user: should be able to view the company rule but not edit it within Store Rules

To learn more, check out our other support articles on the Rules Engine.

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