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Integrating our Own Hunter Express Account (BYO)
Integrating our Own Hunter Express Account (BYO)
Updated over a week ago

Currently, we only offer a BYO integration with Hunter Express through Shippit.

What do I need to do to connect my own account?

Please email [email protected] with the below account information. Once reviewed, our team will be in touch within 1-3 business days normally however account activation for BYO can take 1-3 weeks to complete.

  1. Account Code

  2. Label Prefix

  3. Consignment Number Start

  4. API Key / Auth key (Tracking)

  5. Rate Data File

  6. FTP Location

  7. Username

  8. Password

Shipping Bulky Goods

You'll need to make sure you have your own pallet or bulky pickup arrangement in place with Hunter Express directly as Shippit cannot manage this for you when using your own account.

We recommend providing them with very clear pickup instructions including any dock instructions, opening hours, forklift accesibility and anything else the driver will need to know when approaching your dispatch location with their tail lift vehicle.

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