Integrating Your Own StarTrack Account (BYO)
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Currently, we only offer a BYO integration with StarTrack through Shippit.

What do I need to do to connect my own account?

Please email [email protected] with the below account information. Once reviewed, our team will be in touch within 1-3 business days normally however account activation for BYO can take 1-3 weeks to complete.

  1. Shippit store name

  2. API key

  3. Account number

  4. Secret key/password

  5. Product Codes (if there are any specific codes you want to add)

  6. Pick-up Area (front gate, in-store, etc.)

  7. Account Manager Details (if any)

If you do not have it on hand, you can follow the steps below to obtain them.

Obtaining Australia Post API Credentials

To generate an API key, you will need the following:

  1. An eParcel or Startrack account, along with an Australia Post business credit account

  2. Your account number

If you do not currently have an account with Australia Post or Startrack, please phone 13 11 18 and arrange to open a business credit account and include eParcel. Alternatively, you can contact Startrack here.

Steps to Setting Up API Keys via Developer Centre

Step 1. Setup a Developer Centre Account

  1. Complete all fields on the registration page and make sure to activate your account once you have received a confirmation email from Australia Post.

    Note: if you have a MyPost account that is registered under your business email address, you can use the same credentials to access the Developer Centre.

    Register for the Shipping & Tracking APIs at

    Click the Register link and Complete Registration to continue.

  2. Register for the Shipping and Tracking APIs

  • Click on the ‘Register your interest today’ link.

  • Ensure you specify your account number(s), separated by commas (you can specify a large list in the comments field in the last step)

  • If you are adding account(s) to an existing key, please specify this including the key you wish the account(s) to be added to, in the comments field in the last step

  • Specify your platform partner in the second step of the registration process

  1. Wait for the confirmation email and then follow the steps provided
    For any issues, please contact AusPost's Lodgement Support team:

Step 2. Activate Shipping and Tracking API

Make sure to specify that you are looking for an API key that has access to tracking, product pricing, lodgement and label printing, then enter the Australia Post account to be linked to the key.


Important Note: Ensure you specify your account number(s), separated by commas, you can enter up to 20 account numbers here.

Step 3. Specify Platform Partner

Specify Shippit as your Platform Partner and indicate that you are willing to give us consent to access your account by checking the box below the partner list.


Important Note: This is an important step as it allows our team to troubleshoot any issues on your behalf.

In this last step, before hitting Send, choose your state territory. You can also specify a large list of additional account numbers in the comments field.


Please wait for the confirmation email and then follow the steps as advised. This should be received within 1 business day.

Step 4. Provide Credentials to Shippit

Once your API key is generated, please share the API key and password along with your 10-digit Australia Post account number with Support.

  1. Provide all relevant account numbers and the name of the matching store(s) in Shippit.

  2. Any specific Startrack product preferences like Pack and Track and SafeDrop enablement or disablement

If any issues arise prior to receiving your API keys from AusPost/Startrack, please contact the AusPost/Startrack Customer Connectivity team or your AusPost/Startrack account manager and copy in Support.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

If you're shipping DG you'll need to have your products approved by StarTrack directly before integrating your account into Shippit.

StarTrack is able to transport some types of dangerous goods, in limited quantities for pre-approved customers only - see below.

Approved by Shippit/the carrier before shipping

Activated by Shippit

Packaged and labelled correctly (Client is responsible for labelling correctly)

Accompanied by the required StarTrack DG declaration (Shippit provides upon manifesting)

See our Dangerous Goods Guide for more info!

You'll also need to be connected to Shippit via API sending us the DG information at order level so that we can send this to the carrier upon booking.

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